Monday, May 31, 2010


For Memorial Day, TFAT would like to honor the soldiers who have died for our freedom and the protection for our country. God Bless America, and God Bless You.

Friday, May 28, 2010

What's next for Simon Cowell?

First, I would most importantly like to thank Simon Cowell for entertaining me the past 9 years of my life. His wit is what made him become one of the most famous judges all around the world.

 Second, I would like to congratulate both Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze. They both came out of struggling lives and showed America who they want to be. Both of them are truly winners.

One person voted on the poll on the right regarding who they thought would win and the result was accurate: 

Lee DeWyze.

Back to Simon Cowell. Questions are roaming: Who will replace him? What is next for Simon Cowell?

Simon was a revolutionary judge and his era can never be repeated. Rumors about how Bret Michaels or Harry Connick Jr. replacing him are spreading. But I guarantee that no one will be as great as Simon Cowell.

What's next for him? Recently, he was engaged. He still judges for Britain's Got Talent.

My vision is seeing Simon have his own show.

You tell me.

-That's the TFAT. 

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oogly Googley!

Google began in March of 1996 as a Beta research project by two Stanford students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Ph.D. Now, it has become the most popular web-based search engine with over a hundred million searches daily.

It has become the owner of many other websites, including Blogger, and has partnered with internet clients such as Yahoo! and AOL, handling over 85% of search requests on the World Wide Web. 

Google is taking over.

It is known for it's every-other-day "Doodles". The other day, Google celebrated the anniversary of PacMan with this doodle:

It is known for basically owning the web (YouTube, MySpace)...

And soon, it will be known for bringing the web to YOUR TV. The search engine giant plans to unveil a new software package that can allow one to search the world-wide-web using Android technology. Watch this:

So why is Google doing all of this? In essence, the truth is they want to, and successfully are, becoming a monopoly.

You tell me.

-That's the TFAT.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Format of the Blog

Below are posts. 
In italics and bold is 'the truth from a teen'. After reading, PLEASE COMMENT your opinion. I gladly appreciate it. Just click where it says: (#) Comments.

On the right are tools you can utilize such as the Blog List, polls, a "Where in the World" box where you can see who viewed my blog and from where, and a search box where you can find the truth in what you are interested in.

Casey Lames, Crystal Soursox, and BeLEEve DeWyze

Casey Lames is out, and it's Crystal Soursox and BeLEEve DeWyze in the final bout.

What's with the names?

Well, Casey wasn't lame at singing at all. His voice was truly mesmerizing and he has a great future ahead of him. The reason I named James as Lames is because of his ongoing use of the guitar and stool. Same arrangement every time, and that is what truthfully killed him. It became too repetitive, boring, and lame. Otherwise, his voice was great. And his final performance was by far the best, especially because he walked around.

Crystal Soursox, why so sour? Her attitude to some is admirable, but also annoying. But American Idol is a "singing competition", and she has a good voice. But I don't think she will win because there is someone better...

And we're down to BeLEEve DeWyze. He needs to gain more belief and on the final night show extreme confidence - but there is a limit, and that's cockiness. But he's the winner, just needs to believe. 

There is a poll on the right of this page asking:

Who do you think will win Season 9 of American Idol?

You tell me.

-That's the TFAT.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gracias (Spanish).

Merci (French).
Danke (German).
Shukriya (Hindi).
Arigato (Japanese).
Shukran (Arabic).
Thanks (English).

I wanted to thank all of my visitors for their direct and indirect support. 

I started this blog on April 18th, a little over a month ago with zero page views, thinking to myself, Who is actually going to read this? And a month later, YOU read it. The amount of page views I have received is beyond my expectation for a month-span of time. At first, I started with people only viewing my blog from where I live. And now, with over 600 page views, and numerous comments, I have had visits from people from UK to Cairo, France to Minneapolis. 

So thank you. I appreciate your support. You might not know that you are supporting me, but you are a big help. As the numbers keep adding, my smile gets bigger, and I will NEVER lose hope, all thanks to you.

Now my next goal is to GET ON GOOGLE! =D


-That's the TFAT.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Poll Results - "Would You Rather Be Overweight or Underweight?"

The results are in.

According to the poll:
75% of people would rather be underweight than overweight.

Accurate or inaccurate?

You tell me.

-That's the TFAT.

"I hate Drama"

Many 'slang' terms are used in the day of a high schooler. "Jawnt", "Cuz", "Sup", "Yo", and "Drama" are only few examples. Wait,... drama? How is that considered slang?

The definition of drama is "the specific mode of fiction represented in performance". But we have made it slang. Hence the common high school phrase, "All he/she does is start drama." 

This is all due to the fact that the word drama connotes 'unnecessary things'. It is hard to root out where this connotation derived from, but a stereotype is that only girls are involved in 'drama'. Not saying that is necessarily true, just pointing it out.

If we use the term 'drama' in the meaning of 'unnecessary things', we can say drama causes bullying. Honestly, most high schoolers think bullying is overrated and 'elementary'. However, bullying has many causes, many which most do not know. One cause is "drama". But what causes "drama" itself?

Drama is also caused by many factors, including: peer pressure, media, sex, relationships, texting, Facebook, parents, Myspace, Twitter, drugs, schoolwork, teachers, -- basically anything. Drama is BAD. 

So why do we do it? Or why are we affected by it? It's because high schoolers, or people in general, indirectly and sometimes even unintentionally cause drama. Just by texting a person "Hey"can cause "unnecessary things" in school or life. But now, it has become an excuse. Why has the word drama come to mean what it has today? 

The truth is, if there was NO DRAMA, there would be NO BULLYING. If there was NO DRAMA, there would be no BACKSTABBING. If there was NO DRAMA, there would be no OVERREACTING. If there was NO DRAMA, there would be no RUMORS. If there was NO DRAMA, maybe the world would be peaceful.

We started it. And now, we have to end this 'play'.

I lied. Drama today doesn't mean "unnecessary things". In essence, it means "Stupidity".

You tell me.

-That's the TFAT.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Poll Results

There was a poll on the right of this page for the past eight or nine days that asked:

Google VS. Facebook?

And I know all of you want to know the results (sarcasm), and it seems that Facebook has won with 6 votes! There was only one person who claimed they used Google more than Facebook on a daily basis. I wonder if they feel left out...

You tell me.

-That's the TFAT.