Friday, May 14, 2010

"I hate Drama"

Many 'slang' terms are used in the day of a high schooler. "Jawnt", "Cuz", "Sup", "Yo", and "Drama" are only few examples. Wait,... drama? How is that considered slang?

The definition of drama is "the specific mode of fiction represented in performance". But we have made it slang. Hence the common high school phrase, "All he/she does is start drama." 

This is all due to the fact that the word drama connotes 'unnecessary things'. It is hard to root out where this connotation derived from, but a stereotype is that only girls are involved in 'drama'. Not saying that is necessarily true, just pointing it out.

If we use the term 'drama' in the meaning of 'unnecessary things', we can say drama causes bullying. Honestly, most high schoolers think bullying is overrated and 'elementary'. However, bullying has many causes, many which most do not know. One cause is "drama". But what causes "drama" itself?

Drama is also caused by many factors, including: peer pressure, media, sex, relationships, texting, Facebook, parents, Myspace, Twitter, drugs, schoolwork, teachers, -- basically anything. Drama is BAD. 

So why do we do it? Or why are we affected by it? It's because high schoolers, or people in general, indirectly and sometimes even unintentionally cause drama. Just by texting a person "Hey"can cause "unnecessary things" in school or life. But now, it has become an excuse. Why has the word drama come to mean what it has today? 

The truth is, if there was NO DRAMA, there would be NO BULLYING. If there was NO DRAMA, there would be no BACKSTABBING. If there was NO DRAMA, there would be no OVERREACTING. If there was NO DRAMA, there would be no RUMORS. If there was NO DRAMA, maybe the world would be peaceful.

We started it. And now, we have to end this 'play'.

I lied. Drama today doesn't mean "unnecessary things". In essence, it means "Stupidity".

You tell me.

-That's the TFAT.


  1. Yeah but how are people just supposed to "end" drama?

  2. @Jake L.

    Well, how do real Dramas or performances end?
    They end in a bow, a form of respect.

    We need to understand the values and necessity of respect.

    Thanks for your comment and support.

  3. Do you mean jawn? and by the way no one says cuz what the hells that?

  4. @Tom Brookes.

    It is all slang. At least American slang; spelling differs from person to person. And actually, many American teenagers say "cuz", most likely deriving from Shakespeare's use of the word "coz" (Elizabethan English), meaning cousin.

    I appreciate your comment. Please continue to view my blog; Thanks!


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