Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oogly Googley!

Google began in March of 1996 as a Beta research project by two Stanford students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Ph.D. Now, it has become the most popular web-based search engine with over a hundred million searches daily.

It has become the owner of many other websites, including Blogger, and has partnered with internet clients such as Yahoo! and AOL, handling over 85% of search requests on the World Wide Web. 

Google is taking over.

It is known for it's every-other-day "Doodles". The other day, Google celebrated the anniversary of PacMan with this doodle:

It is known for basically owning the web (YouTube, MySpace)...

And soon, it will be known for bringing the web to YOUR TV. The search engine giant plans to unveil a new software package that can allow one to search the world-wide-web using Android technology. Watch this:

So why is Google doing all of this? In essence, the truth is they want to, and successfully are, becoming a monopoly.

You tell me.

-That's the TFAT.


  1. I think google is freakin awesome and i will honestly say that i think i use google every single day and I love it!!!


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