Monday, June 7, 2010

"Collateral Murder": WikiLeaks

I've been wanting to TFAT this subject for a while, and now I've got the chance. 

Take a look at this video, it is 18 minutes long, but VERY necessary to watch.


One of my friends once asked me:
"Do you think we could live in unity, instead of acting with irresponsible lunacy?"
Lunacy will always exist even if unity is more apparent. Imagine 6.8 billion pens without caps on. Would you take the time to put their cap's back on? Unity would take time. Lunacy is easy. It's like being obese. Sitting and eating is easy. Exercise isn't. So the answer is yes we COULD, but sadly we never WILL.

Three years ago, this happened. The video was obtained only two months ago. Before it was released, the U.S. military never revealed how the Reuters staff were killed or how the children were injured. So the question arises, why does our government hide things from us? 

The actual video is more than 35 minutes long. 

For some, this video right here proves the theory that Americans are the terrorists and insurgents. For some, this video proves that soldiers are under great stress and to calm down they have to use profane language in order to kill suspects.

The dialogue of the special forces influences the idea that WE truly are, in the 'Middle-Easterners point of view', the insurgents. 

This morning, the soldier responsible for "leaking" the video to the website WikiLeaks, has been arrested for TREASON. I truthfully believe this is an act of cowardliness by the forces that arrested him. HOW is this an act of treason?! It is an act of Freedom which is expressing and showing the TRUTH! America should not hide under a veil! Our reputation is already exceedingly corrupt. We cloak ourselves from reality.

The man who submitted the video should be honored, not arrested. He clearly wanted everybody to know the truth. 

On my first blog post:
Yacoob said...
Interesting points, but the militiary used rules of engagement to make sure that our armed forces arent using terroristic tactics to win a war.
 Here are the U.S. - Iraq Rules of Engagement:
In my mind, the idea that there is a website called WikiLeaks, makes me suspicious. Why would soldiers submit secret files? Obviously because something is going wrong. True, in this video, all rules of engagement are being enforced. But are Rules of Humanity being enforced? Rules of Knowledge? Rules of Sanity?
In this video, WE are the terrorist. We are using acts of violence against civilians to reach a political goal. It was clearly a mistake, but this is for example's sake: So if we are the terrorist in this case, if who we currently called terrorists attacked us, what would we call them then? It's a rhetorical question, but that's the point.

It probably isn't incorrect in the military, but it is for humanity. It is sickening to just listen to the words being used. It is sickening to realize that our military IS killing SUSPECTED civilians. It is sickening that some soldiers don't care that they are killing mostly innocent people rather than terrorists. 
Terrorism is a cycle. We kill a terrorist. They kill one of us back. We shoot a terrorist along with hundreds of civilians. The families of the civilians become "terrorists" to get some sort of payback. It will never end. As we shoot them, they grow bigger. And now if we stop, they will attack. We are stupid: we thought we could defend and attack at the same time.
It is a lose-lose solution. We are adding more fire to a fire already created. The only way out of a war is peace, and when peace is reached, this unnecessary war will end.
 You tell me.
 -That's the TFAT.


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