Wednesday, June 23, 2010

FIFA World Cup 2010

I've recently been involved in the World Cup for Soccer this summer, keeping me away from blogging about it. I honestly have to say, this is probably the best sports event ever, definitely surpassing the Superbowl due to it's length and number of teams. It unites all countries that are participating in it. A couple of days ago I was chatting with someone from Germany about the World Cup and he said he wasn't a fan until this year, just like me. He told me he doesn't care who wins the Cup, he simply enjoys the idea of unification that it brings -- and that's the truth. No other sport event that I have watched is as intense, as heart-stopping, and as massive as the World Cup.

No one is caring if anyone is a 'bandwagon' fan, nobody is rooting for just one team, and everybody is having fun. And that is what a sport should be about. SPORTSmanship.

So, thank you FIFA World Cup!

And on a side note, how about Landon Donovan's game-concluding goal! 91-minutes in! Check out the incredible goal below if you already haven't seen it (Courtesy:!

Keep it up USA!


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