Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Who is Aadil Malik?

Today, I performed a speech to the entire high/middle school student body at my school. 

Who is Aadil Malik?
This unique human of which opportunity he seeks
Called an over achiever by his peers but he’s actually just an achiever
This believer, who is Aadil Malik?
I’m Aadil Malik.

I hope I have your most attentive ear
Please listen to me for I have to share
To you my minute credentials compared
To the other candidates, but please be fair
August 17th, 2009, the day I first came here
I went from popularity to loneliness, it was clear
From the “cool kid” to the “new kid”, an experience that I needed to bear
But I just shut up my mouth, and let the year take its steer
I’m Aadil Malik.

I walked around CCS like a robot on an every day schedule
Woke up, showered, got on the bus, homeroom – listened to CNN Student News with Carl
There was no change
First four classes, Schneider’s class, lunch, bathroom at 11:55, locker at 12:01, next four classes, fill up my water bottle, go to the bus, walk right home
There was no change
My day ranged from boring to insane
But I was fully content with absolutely no complaint
I’m Aadil Malik.

Sure, I’m not as funny as the other candidates
Not as experienced, as old, probably not even as confident
But I am willing to become better, and at least I am honest
I have no need to lie, it shouldn’t be ironic
I’m Aadil Malik

And as President, I will make an effort to listen to your suggestions everyday
I won't have many rights, but at least the right to advocate
I will make an effort to grant some REAL Free Dress Days, no need to pay
Isn’t that why they should call them free anyways?
I will try to share with you on the morning announcements some thoughts every Wednesday
To listen to your suggestions, I will try having Student Surveys
I will propose a Student Government-sponsored field trip to an amusement park of your choice if I may
I will even make an effort to find partnering companies for it to possibly fundraise
I will understand the mission statement of CCS in every way
I will be the best advocate I can be, I will get this school published in the news, for it is great
I will astonish you and even myself by making accomplishments out of my mistakes
I will never guarantee everything I say, but I certainly will bring an honor to this place
I’m Aadil Malik.

You might be thinking that I don’t communicate
But actually on my blog I’ve communicated to more than 800 people to date
You might be thinking that I don’t have leadership experience accumulated
But that is what I seek, I want to be educated
You told me I won’t win
But I told you back, to just wait
I’m Aadil Malik.

Though, I hope this isn’t a popularity contest
Because nobody knows me
I hope this isn’t a bribery game
Because nobody told me
I hope this is what I really signed up for
Because I want to show you me
I hope this is a presidential election
And I hope that you vote me

Who is Aadil Malik?
This unique human of which opportunity he seeks
Called an overachiever by his peers but he’s actually just an achiever
This believer, who is Aadil Malik?

I am Aadil Malik; and I hope YOU approve this message.



  2. That was a great speech you had everyone going crazy it was like a pep rally when you gave your speech

  3. Best Speech i ever heard!!!! yu got my vote 100%!!!! :D good job keep it up!!!

  4. awwwww im about to cry ur soo smart!!!!!! im so proud of you!! lol

  5. Awww stop it Clegree you're gonna make me cry, why do you have to leave next year!

  6. Great! lol on ur presentation.. there's so many ppl screaming tht i can't really actually hear what u said.. but this is Just Great.. like i said on Facebook, n in school... U got my Vote.. n my friends

  7. because i been at ccs for to long im done with that school

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  9. I LOVE YOU AADIL <3333333

  10. cool stuff. bro. some of it was really deep man. i like it.

  11. who knew you'd go from 800 views in 2010 to 80k views in 2013, you're going places man.


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