Saturday, July 31, 2010

International Burn a Koran Day- A Revealing Message from One of It's Followers

As you may or may not have heard, a Pastor by the name of Terry Jones, head of the Dove Outreach Center (a self-proclaimed Church) in Gainesville, FL, plans to host a Qur'an-Burning "event" on the night of 9/11/10, to what they claim as a "remembrance" of the victims. The preacher and his followers claim "Islam is of the Devil", and to advocate this message, they have put up a sign outside their center, created a Facebook page, published books, and have even made t-shirts for sale.

Now, being a Muslim, this offends me to a huge degree where I have to take verbal, yet peaceful and tolerant action. I know this blog isn't called "TFAMT" or Truth from a Muslim Teen, but in this case of absurdity, I hope you agree that doesn't make any difference.

There is a page on Facebook called "In Protest of International Burn a Koran Day", where people from all faiths and ways of life are sharing their concern about this topic. To take action, I myself have been highly active on monitoring this page, and trying to make a peaceful difference.You can see this page at:!/pages/In-Protest-of-International-Burn-a-Koran-Day/105895039464821?v=wall

I have spoken to many people who are supporting this malicious event and are followers of Preacher Terry Jones. I won't disclose full names, but some of you will already know who I am talking about. Here is a summarized message thread I had with L.C., a well-known person in this event:

Me: I've been following your comments on the Burn Koran page, and honestly I don't quite understand your ignorance. I'm fifteen years old with not a lot of experience in this world. However, I am sadly wiser than you because of the fact that I understand an eye for an eye will only end up in the entire world being blind. Go ahead, burn a Qu'ran. Stereotype that all terrorists are Muslims - when clearly you are becoming a terrorist of my real religion. You will only be inflicting pain on yourself. It will not cause you any form of respect - only disrespect. You're not becoming the "bigger man" in this situation. You are only adding fire to an unnecessary fire already created. By burning our Holy Book, you aren't only causing hurt on the minute batch of Muslims that are extremists, but you are causing hurt on the MILLIONS of daily-praying REAL Muslims all around the world. And if this IS all about 9/11, then how about you realize that REAL Muslims are grieving that day much more than you - grieving it because they are being stereotyped every hour and every minute of their lives. Burning our Holy Book is like burning our HEARTS. And if you do it, you will forever be in my mind as the cruelest person ever. I apologize all the hurt the batch of Muslim terrorists have caused you personally, but this act is beyond cruel. Let them be judged by God. I'm only trying to save you from cruelty - something that is frowned upon and is a sin in ALL religions. Please don't burn my holy Book, please don't burn my heart.
Peace be with you,
L.C: Aadil, I do not, and never have stereotyped that all Muslims are terrorists. We will be burning the Koran because ignorant Muslims like you burn the US flag, over and over and over. The US flag is WAY more sacred than the Koran will ever be. It is our heart, and you burned it. That's why we have to even the score by burning your turd book.
I pray that you will continue with your research on leaving Islam. Now you claim that Islam isn't so bad. But some day you'll be convinced that Islam is wrong because it's a hateful religion that discriminates on unbelievers. The truth will surely reveal itself to you someday. =)
Me: Sure, you probably haven't stereotyped that all Muslims are terrorists. But you have absurdly claimed that all terrorists are Muslims when CLEARLY YOU ARE BECOMING THE TERRORIST! You are TERRORIZING MY RELIGION! You are on the verge on committing a potential hate crime! And about the American flag which I pledge to almost everyday, you are creating a horrible name for it and you are indirectly burning it yourself. If you find the American flag more sacred to my Qu'ran, than you must find it more sacred than the Bible - so stop contradicting yourself. If the American flag is your heart then whats the Bible to you? Because clearly you aren't following it. And I would take that as the worst insult if I was a Christian. EVEN YOUR CHRISTIAN BROTHERS AND SISTERS are saying you are going against your own book! And you know what - I don't need your crazy prayers. You need my prayers. And by burning our Holy Qu'ran (learn to spell it right), and trashing us Muslims (learn to say it right), and by fighting against Islam (learn IT right), you are ONLY gaining disrespect. Please learn some respect and wisdom. I'll say it for the millionth time: An eye for an eye only ends up in the ENTIRE WORLD BEING BLIND! 
L.C: I'm not a Christian, dumbfuck. LOL. If you were standing in front of me, I'd poke your fucking your eye out, and tell you to suck it up, because you don't believe in An Eye for An Eye. HA HA HA.
Me: Then what are you? An disrespect-er? Because that seems like your religion. And don't call me a "dumbf***", when you're the one who can't even bear to realize the truth.
L.C: Islam is deeply racist against other religions. Saudi Arabia (the global center of Islam) is the worst hellhole of religious intolerance and hate on earth. Non-muslims are barred from Mecca like blacks were barred under apartheid. The Bible, churches, Jews, synagogues, stars of David, crosses, buddhist temples, rabbis, priests, Christian prayers, Christmas trees, Christmas stamps, Valentines day etc. are all illegal. Islam is a religion of hate.
Me: Thanks for not answering my question. Let me fill in your statement with the truth. L.C. is deeply racist against other religions. The Dove (whatever they call it) Center is the worst hellhole of religious intolerance and hate on Earth. The Qu'ran is being planned to be burnt as if someone burnt their holy book. This hate crime (if it even happens) should be illegal. L.C. is a person of hatred.
L.C: Aadil, I told you. You burn our flag, we burn your turd book. Turn about is fair play. The aim of burning the Koran is to train Muslims, like dogs, so that they no longer respond when we mock, ridicule and insult Islam. You might as well shut up and get used to it. We're going to be burning the Koran and drawing insulting cartoons of your Prophet FOREVER. It's our solemn and holy right due to the First Amendment of the US Constitution. The Constitution will always crush superstitious nonsense like the Koran.
Me:  I didn't know your flag was your holy book.
L.C: The US flag is FAR more sacred than any holy book. Millions of men have sacrificed their life and blood for it. If you think the Koran is more worthy of respect than the US flag, you should be arrested, convicted and shot for treason.
Me: I didn't say I don't respect the flag. I probably pledged to it more than you ever did. I'm trying to understand why you are supporting a Church of Christianity when you say the 'American Flag' is holier than any Holy Book. Aren't you against their views too? Are you trying to start a religion of the American Flag or something? We respect America and Americans, but I don't respect you ma'am. Because you are unworthy of anyone's respect.
L.C: I'm not supporting a church of Christianity. I am supporting the burning of the Koran.
Me: Contradiction after contradiction. You are supporting that church in Gainesville! You might as well shut up before you sentence yourself to something you don't want to be sentenced to. And we will always respond. The Qu'ran and all other Holy Books will crush YOU and teach you to be wise. Unless you have sealed your heart. Which sadly it seems that you have, Allah knows better. I'm warning you- if you keep disrespecting- nothing will do you good. You are simply cruel and ignorant. Live a better life of tolerance instead of trolling around like a maniac full of hypocrisy. You aren't a true American if you don't believe in liberty for all.
L.C: I do believe in liberty for all. That includes the right to free speech. Therefore I have the right to insult, belittle, ridicule, mock and laugh at your religion to my heart's content. This is America and there is nothing you can do to shut me up. LOL. I'm sure that over time, God will open your mind and you will realize that Islam is bollocks, and see the truth. There are many kind people who can help you in your journey away from the cult of Muhammad and the turd book. I'll pray every day that your blindness and ignorance get cured.
PAUSE: Didn't she say she wasn't Christian, and now she wants me to convert..?

Me: Btw, you never answered my question of what religion you are. Therefore, I am in no need of your disgraceful prayers. And you have no heart, so don't say you'll mock to it's content. I know the truth. You fear to realize it. You aren't entitled to free action. You are entitled to freedom of speech, to an EXTENT decided by law. Hate speech is illegal under terms of action. So watch yourself, 'Greatest American'. Yes, you have the right to disrespect. You have the right to be rude, cruel, mean, arrogant, ignorant, stupid. But you don't have the right to anyone's respect- because of your inhumane beliefs. Islam is the fasting growing religion in the world, and you fear that fact as a coward. I wish for peace and wisdom- two things you lack. You are a thickheaded person with no love whatsoever. And that is why I leave you. Wa'akhiruda wana analhamdulillahi rab al alameen. Good bye.
L.C: Christianity is the fastest growing religion in the world, not Islam. In the U.S., Islam ranks 9th in terms of growth rate. In terms of raw numbers "nonreligious/secular" is the fastest growing religion in the America.
Me: You're so unintelligent that you don't know the definition of 'Goodbye'?
L.C: I'll be praying for you, that you will see the truth. Islam is a disgusting religion founded by a mass murderer who sawed off the heads of 700 Jews in one day. I'm sure that if you saw that act of horror actually transpire, you would be crying, vomiting and defecating in your pants with fear. You're a young boy Aadil, it's not too late for you to turn back from the wrong path your parents have brainwashed you into. I know it's scary to leave Islam because the Muslims will try to kill you, but there are some wonderful support groups to help return to being a human being. You're a smart boy, and I know with time you'll see the light, Aadil.
PAUSE: What "light"? I thought she wasn't Christian! CONTRADICTION and HYPOCRISY.
Me: I am a 'smart boy', that is why I side with the intelligent. We true Muslims are much more loving, peaceful, and compassionate than you. And how dare you say my parents have brainwashed me! How dare you! I am blessed to be born in such a beautiful religion. And I don't know what source you've received your information from, but I pray that Allah grants you the knowledge to one day be on the Sirat-ul-Mustaqeem, Ameen. And this time, be wise enough to understand the meaning of this word: Goodbye.
L.C: Look it up "smart boy". The Massacre of Qurayzah. Muhammad sawed off the heads of 700 Jews in ONE DAY. Ishaq 464: "The apostle went out to the market of Medina and dug trenches in it. Then he sent for the men of the Qurayzah and struck off their heads in those trenches as they were brought out to him in batches." Yup, it was a hell of a good time. Hacking through neck bones, severed arteries, gurgled screams, men defecating in their pants with fear, blood spurting everywhere. All courtesy of Muhammad. When the butchering was done, Muhammad enslaved the weeping widows and children of the dead, and divvied them up with his gang of thugs as "booty". Look it up Aadil. You and your deluded parents "love" a mass murderer, kidnapper and slaver.
Me: Ishaq is a sub-narrator and that Hadith could be a very weak one. I believe everything that is in the Qu'ran and I follow the Sunnah. Since you like 'rights' so much- I have the right to freedom of my religion. Stop trying to make me find some fake light or fake truth. I already know the truth. Sorry, I don't have the same beliefs as you. I'm not attacking your religion (if you even have one). You are attacking mine. And I am and ALWAYS will be defending my religion. So for the third time, I'm disappointed that your stupidity is still apparent and you aren't understanding this word, but GOODBYE. Thank you for your time, I apologize if I hurt your feelings, you probably wont apologize to me for hurting mine because you have no heart sooo- GOODBYE!
L.C: Aadil, I can tell you are a nice boy, and you don't approve of brutal killers like Muhammad. I will keep praying for you. The light of the truth is always there for you; just look up and you will see it. I beg you to think hard about this: We know for a scientific fact that there was no "Adam". Man evolved slowly over millions of years from earlier hominids like Homo Habilis. This means that the story of Adam in the Koran is false. It's simply a fairy tale, and that means that the Koran was not written by God. Therefore Muhammad was a liar.
Think about that very hard, because it could be the clue that opens up for you the shining path of truth, and frees you from the dark chains of ignorance known as Islam. Peace be with you my brother. I will keep praying for your awakening. :-)
Me: You're merely confused and unintelligent. I feel like I'm not speaking English. GOODBYE!!.

At this point, L.C kept spamming me and saying: There was no Adam, Muhammad is a liar. So I used reverse psychology by stating if she replied again, she would be saying in my mind " I am LC., and I am illogical". And I told her to reply because it would be hilarious.

And then no more replies (EPIC WIN) :). The purpose of me showing you this message thread was to reflect the absurdity of this situation. And now it's up to YOUR judgment. Are these people crazy? Is this act necessary? 

As for me, the truth is it's crazy. The claim it is an act of love, when it is clearly an act of hate, because FIRE never means love. We need to COEXIST. You follow your religion, I follow mine.

You tell me.

-That's the TFAT.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Unemployment Sucks

So, my dad has been unemployed from his full-time job as a Multi-Unit Restaurant Manager at Dunkin' Donuts in Chester County for over a year now. He's applied to thousands of jobs - of which most I've applied to for him. He's had interviews, but very few. He has everything the employer wants - experience (25 years of it), qualifications (he's certified to be a  food manager), and determination. All he wants is a JOB in order to create a stable ground financially for his generations to come. He wants to fulfill his children's dreams of becoming what they want to in life.

I don't understand. At first I thought it WAS because of the fact that there are 5 candidates per position, but then I realized that those folks aren't getting hired either. Now my dad thinks there is some sort of conspiracy- that employers are only putting out job ads for show. And I don't blame him one bit. It's highly possible. But I don't want him to lose hope.

And now his unemployment compensation has ended. We are trying to afford our bills and mortgage of our new single-family home with only my mom's $7.00/hour babysitter salary. We are afraid that if this stays the same, we will be on the verge of losing our beloved home.

My Dad hasn't been healthy physically lately either. Kidney stones, kidney cancer, hernias, cysts - they keep coming at him. He can't even afford health insurance.

Again, the only thing he wants is a JOB. Once he gets one, he will work his butt off to stabilize his expenses.

Ever since he's lost hope, I have been making an effort to restore it back. I pray for his health and wealth every single day, but still no luck. It's been two long years since this has started, and he has one question: "When will it end?"

You tell me.

-That's the TFAT



Saturday, July 10, 2010

"OK, so let's remove it even if its working, and put a better one on" ...?

So how about we do something disastrous in a disaster? This has been the story of the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill. I promised myself I would not blog about this topic; however, it has become too insane and I want to express my opinion to the public.

With a spill the size of Pennsylvania, gushing 1 mil.+ gallons a day, disappointment and anger are bound to be apparent. BP Failed. That is the main point. And they failed SEVERAL times, BIG time.

There are a bunch of hilarious YouTube "spoofs" of the spill and BP's reaction. Here is one of them. The best part is the whiteboard at 2:39 (Top Kill).

I can't blame BP for panicking. But I can blame them for failing. True: everybody makes mistakes. But this mistake has lasted too long.

I'm not saying I know the solution. I'm saying I know the problem. And I know that doesn't make a difference because there a million people just like me in the world, but one thing I do know is that there is ALWAYS a solution.

Don't care about the money, care about the world. That fact most likely could have prevented this oil spill from happening in the first place.

You tell me.

-That's the TFAT.