Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Toughest Job on Earth

To me, the toughest/hardest job on Earth is being a Substitute Teacher. Many students need to understand that a substitute is a TEACHER, and deserves to be treated the same respectful way as their normal teacher. However, most do not, which leads to extreme disobedience and disrespect.

Therefore, on behalf of all students who have misbehaved/disrespected a substitute teacher, I have decided to write a letter of apology to all of them:

Dear ALL Substitute Teachers,
Words cannot express how difficult it is to sit in a classroom where you are ridiculed by my fellow students. And I know I have done it before, but now I understand the difficulty of your job and the rudeness you have to endure.
If I put myself in your shoes, not only would they not fit me, but I would feel SO uncomfortable. Honestly, you deserve a higher salary than anyone else in the world, for your ability to cooperate with us.
Some of you ARE miserable, and a bit peculiar - but I'm sure you guys aren't like that in the "real world". You are only like that because of the hatred and disrespect we have caused you. If we approached you in a nicer, more respectful manner, we would get to know the real you, and you would get to know the real us.
The only reason we think you guys have miserable personalities is because that's the only way we see you. Some subs aren't miserable, because we treat them with respect - even though we don't know how to.
Often, the reason we disrespect you is, ignorantly, because of the way you appear to us. The way you dress, your age, your voice- all make a HUGE difference on how we percieve you. Don't take this the wrong way, I'm being honest. We stereotype you because we're just SO used to doing it to our fellow students. 
Therefore, from the bottom of my heart, I sincerely apologize to all of you. Next time, cheer up, and know that there is at least one student in the classroom that understands your endurance, and your difficult job. Smile.
Me, A Student
So next time, show respect, and not disrespect.

You tell me.

-That's the TFAT.



  1. Nice. Very sincere, and true. :)
    But!- You don't know how difficult their job is, you just pretend to know, and try to put yourself in their shoes. So do you have/show empathy or sympathy?

  2. @Carrie,

    Way to bring Writing and Grammar into this! And I show neither, because they aren't "suffering". I show sorrow, and apology.

    Hope that answers your question. Nice try, trying to confuse me! :)

  3. I'm a substitute teacher and I had to work in front of a bunch of disrespectful kids today. Reading this letter gave me hope and happiness after a tough day. I'm touched. Thank you.

  4. Thank you so much! That is heartwarming to hear :)!

  5. You're such a sweetheart!

  6. ive been thinking about this for years now, superb alignment of words!

  7. Thank you for your kindness and candor. I'm a sub, and many students put an invisible wall between me and themselves. In that way, I guess they don't have to see me as a human being who cares about students and their learning. Your emotional intelligence will take you far. I needed to read your post after a very challenging week.


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