Monday, November 8, 2010

Theory Poll Results

The results are in with a sum of 22 votes:

The Well-Oiled Machine Theory: 
31% (7 votes)

The Escape of the Bottomless Pit Theory: 
68% (15 votes)

And now the moment you have all been waiting for (yes, you have :P), which one did I write? (Drumroll) Some of you guessed right, because yes, I wrote the "Escape of the Bottomless Pit Theory"! 

The other author was written by another student from another city. Two different opinions, two different styles of writing. 

Now, I do agree with both theories. However, the reason I did the post was to see if you agree with TFAT (me) or agree with other opinions. I wanted to see if you really think Truth from a Teen, is really the TRUTH. So, I tested you. And I got results proving that I have to step up my game. 

I purposely wrote the Bottomless Pit using bias, so I could get results like these. This test will help me improve my blogging.

In essence, thanks! And continue to seek the truth!

-That's the TFAT.


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