Saturday, January 29, 2011

What will happen when I'm not a teen anymore?

Many people have asked me including myself what I will do once I turn 20. And it's a good question. Will Truth from a Teen end when I'm not a teen anymore, or will it be a beginning to a new era of blogging for me?

Who knows?

I was thinking to myself today of whether or not I held regrets that I named it Truth from a "Teen". And I came to the conclusion that I actually didn't. I can't hold on to it with the tightest grasp, or else it won't be fun and interesting. I know my whole mission is to get a TEEN'S voice heard, so why shouldn't I just let it go?

So, on July 8th, 2015, the day before I turn 20 years old- I will make my last post before I'm not a teen anymore, while ushering in a new era of Truth from a Teen.

Just because I'm not a teen anymore, doesn't mean the truth from a teen doesn't exist.

After (or maybe even before) July 8th, 2015, Truth from a Teen won't just be ONE teen's perspective of life, but it will be a website where millions of teens all around the world will be able to share their true opinion of anything they wish. The blog that won't only be mine, but every teen's in the world. A chance to publicly or anonymously share your VOICE to the entire world.

Because even after I'm not a teen anymore, I will still follow the same belief that the voice of a teen should ring through all corners of the world.

We are the future, and we have the ability to change the world once a foundation is set to empower us. I believe that foundation comes through the power of words, and those words are what I see as the future of TFAT.

-That's the TFAT.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Win the Future: Obama IS Making an Effort

It's been a while, and because of school (midterm testing and finals, Science Fair, etc.), I haven't been able to post. But now I'm back on routine.

A couple of days ago, the Honorable President of the United States, Barack Obama, gave an inspiring and State of the Union address that many are calling his "Win the Future" speech (most likely because he said it at least 9 times).

The President stated four critical steps to win the future:

1. "The first step is encouraging American innovation."
2. "...we also have to win the race to educate our kids."
3. "The third step in winning the future is rebuilding [and reinvent] America."
4. "...the final critical step in winning the future is to make sure we aren't buried under a mountain of debt."

At the end of the address, President Obama stated: "We do big things. The idea of America endures. Our destiny remains our choice. And tonight, more than two centuries later, it's because of our people that our future is hopeful, our journey goes forward, and the state of our union is strong."

Truth is, he's perfectly right. Whatever your political belief- you must admit, he's right. His address came from the heart of the constitution- We the People.

Our future depends on us. Whatever moves we make now, will affect our future. And Obama has laid out optimistic, achievable steps to WIN the future.

You can't say the guy isn't making an effort. Because if you do, you're ALSO claiming that words have no power. And if you believe that, go ahead and say THAT, and only that: words don't have power- but don't say he isn't making an effort.

In order to avoid underestimating his efforts, we have to see what he has actually done so far. And once we recognize what he has ACTUALLY done, then we can have opinions on the wisdom of the choices.
  • Provided $12.2 Billion in new funding for Individuals With Disabilities Education Act
  • Extended Benefits to same-sex partners of federal employees
  • Signed the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act, giving the FDA the authority to regulate the manufacturing, marketing, and sale of tobacco for the first time
  • Signed New START Treaty - nuclear arms reduction pact with Russia
  • Increased average fuel economy standards from 27.5mpg to 35.5mpg, starting in 2016
  • Set a deadline for the closing of Guantanamo Bay.
  • Signed a detailed executive order to ban torture and inhumane treatment of prisoners.
  • Brought the war to an end.
  • Lifted a ban on giving federal money to international groups that perform abortions or provide abortion information.
This is only a fraction of the things he's done/plans to do. Now, many of these actions are HIGHLY controversial, but can we at least all understand that being President isn't an easy thing? I'm only President of my high school, and I know how hard it is to "please" everyone, and advocate everyone's thoughts. I can't even imagine Obama's responsibilities- probably trillion time's harder than mine. This doesn't only apply to Barack Obama (don't think I'm only defending him), I'm talking about ANY leader. Previous, present, and future.

His efforts are evident. And you can't simply say that he isn't doing anything. What you can say is that he isn't doing anything smart. What you can say is that he isn't doing anything for middle-class America. But be sure you're able to define your opinion and support it.

Because, the fact is, he IS doing something.

Your opinion should lie around the aspect of why he's doing things he's doing, not that he's doing "nothing".

-That's the TFAT

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Stop Wasting Your Time

Truth is, time is being wasted.

Everyone of us has an equal 24 hours, 1,440 minutes, and 86,400 seconds a day- yet, we don't know how to use it.

We only know how to throw it in the trash.

We don't have time for our parents, but we have time for hypocrisy and lies. We don't have time for wise lectures, but have time for drugs and parties. We don't have time for the true enjoyment of life, but somehow manage to create an artificial joy of ruining our lives.

It's sad.

It's as if some force has overtaken us to become who we truly aren't, has deviated our hearts to loving materialistic things rather than fellow human beings.

And it isn't like we're lying to others, we're lying to ourselves. Every single day. We wake up, and don't know who awoke us. We eat food, and don't care to realize we are fortunate. We smile, at an artificial joy called being a hypocrite- and we don't know it's consequences.

Drinking, partying, smoking, clubbing- all sound fun, right? Sound like a fun way to spend your entire life? No,  it's stupidity. Something your heart regrets. Deep inside, you know it isn't right. Deep inside, you want to change. Deep inside, you hate it all.

You, just want to be, you.

Well, you CAN be you. You just have to think. Take the aspect of time into consideration.

Do you remember the face of your mother when she asked you to bring her some water and you said you were too busy yesterday? Forget that, just an hour ago- don't you remember your father, your husband, your wife, asking you, begging you to just sit down to talk with them, and you said no, you have no "time"?  You said no because you were too busy being a hypocrite? Remember? It isn't because you have bad memory, don't act like a fool- it's because you don't want to remember it.

Brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles- time is limited, and we need to spend it wisely. Because one day, one hour, one second could be the last moment of our lives. And my young peers, it isn't thinking too big for our age, it's thinking wisely- which we all lack- wisdom. And the sooner we realize that our time is just as short as our elder's, we will be able to understand that wasting your time isn't the way to enjoy your life, using it is.

-That's the TFAT.

Friday, January 7, 2011

TutorVista Revealed: A Scam

Edit: TutorVista is no longer a scam! 

I like helping people, so I did this post to save your time. Keep reading. You might have suffered from the same dilemma.

Recently, I was trying to find help for a chemistry problem I had for homework. Every single time I searched a question, the website, Here is what comes up:

Notice, they say "Ask a Question? Get an Answer!" and also say "Connect to a Tutor Now for FREE!". Horrible grammar, horrible spelling, and horrible customer service. It proves that this website is fraudulent. They are TRICKING you, so I decided to save my fellow students from wasting their valuable time as I did, trying to find help with homework.

Here is the conversation.

I am the Guest. 
The comments in black/italics are ones I added just for the post, as commentary.

Welcome to TUTORVISTA .
Type your question in chat window below.
[ 07:08:13 PM ] Guest : I need help with a Chemistry problem.
[ 07:08:19 PM ] Acad Coordinator : Hello
[ 07:08:20 PM ] : my name is Eric
[ 07:08:20 PM ] : I'm your Academic Counselor for the day.
[ 07:08:27 PM ] : We will surely help you in Chemistry
[ 07:08:27 PM ] Guest : Hi Eric.
[ 07:08:31 PM ] Acad Coordinator : Hello
[ 07:08:38 PM ] : Nice to have you online
[ 07:08:40 PM ] Guest : What's up?
[ 07:09:02 PM ] Acad Coordinator : Are you in college or Hs?
[ 07:09:11 PM ] Guest : HS.
[ 07:09:22 PM ] Acad Coordinator : okay
[ 07:09:26 PM ] : Are you preparing for an upcoming test or assignment?
[ 07:09:45 PM ] Guest : I am preparing for you to try to rip me off.
[ 07:10:48 PM ] Acad Coordinator : Not to worry, you are at the right place
[ 07:10:56 PM ] : You will get regular help on concepts, homework problems, assignment questions and projects
[ 07:11:00 PM ] : Our expert tutors hold Master's degree and have long years of teaching experience.
[ 07:11:08 PM ] Guest : Woooah! REALLY!?!
[ 07:11:21 PM ] Acad Coordinator : Yesh
[ 07:11:25 PM ] : *yeah
[ 07:11:29 PM ] : Are you aware how our program works?
[ 07:12:36 PM ] : Are you there with me ?
[ 07:12:47 PM ] Guest : Yes, I am aware. You rip me off of $49.99/month ($600/year) And you type real slow when you reply, making me do my homework in an hour, rather than 30 minutes.
[ 07:13:01 PM ] : Yes, I do know how your program works. Very well.
[ 07:13:35 PM ] Acad Coordinator : Thats great
[ 07:13:47 PM ] Guest : I spoke to "Acad Coordinator" Mark as well. And he didn't reply when I talked to him. All this information will be on my blog by the way. Just so others aren’t frustrated when they click on TutorVista when trying to find FREE help for homework.
[ 07:14:06 PM ] Acad Coordinator: Once you have account with us our tutors will help you right away
[ 07:14:09 PM ] : Tutors will be able to do step by step explanation in regular sessions once you sign up with us.
[ 07:14:10 PM ] Guest : Eric, sir, I have nothing against you, I have something against the awful program you "work" for.
[ 07:14:12 PM ] Acad Coordinator : Our tutors follow state standards and curriculum.
[ 07:14:24 PM ] Guest : You don't have to click on pre-set messages.
[ 07:14:35 PM ] : You just have to listen to me.
[ 07:14:42 PM ] Acad Coordinator : Okay
[ 07:14:45 PM ] : Tellme
[ 07:15:06 PM ] Guest : My dad has been unemployed for over a year now. How am I supposed to afford $49.99 a month for homework help? A $49.99 trial, might I add, that will turn into a hidden charge of $100.00/month by the second month.
[ 07:15:10 PM ] : How?
[ 07:15:34 PM ] Acad Coordinator : I am sorry , to inform you again this is paid service
[ 07:15:47 PM ] : Iam sorry if iam rude to yo ..
[ 07:15:50 PM ] : *you
[ 07:15:56 PM ] Guest : You actually never informed me, I informed you.
[ 07:16:00 PM ] : You are not rude to me.
[ 07:16:06 PM ] : Your program is.
[ 07:16:11 PM ] : I am not rude to you either.
[ 07:16:16 PM ] : I'm rude to your program.
[ 07:16:21 PM ] Acad Coordinator : Yes..
[ 07:16:30 PM ] : Tell me how can i help you with .
"Tell me how can i help you with ."
[ 07:16:33 PM ] Guest : I understand that it is your job to inform me about your program and you get paid.
[ 07:16:42 PM ] Acad Coordinator : Yes
[ 07:16:48 PM ] Guest : So I do not blame you.
[ 07:16:49 PM ] Acad Coordinator : how ,much you can afford?
[ 07:17:10 PM ] Guest : I can't even afford this computer I'm using right now.
[ 07:18:00 PM ] : Sir, how does my Dad apply for a career at TutorVista? Maybe then I'll be able to afford a $588/year plan. Or actually, $1000/year. Since, you do have hidden charges.
[ 07:18:03 PM ] Acad Coordinator : so tell me what can i do now ?
[ 07:18:20 PM ] Guest : Could you possibly help me with Chemistry?
[ 07:19:00 PM ] : Because that is the first thing you promised at the beginning of this chat session.
[ 07:19:17 PM ] : "We will surely help you in Chemistry"
[ 07:19:38 PM ] : By the way, I am glad you reply. I talked to another "tutor" on the site before you and he stopped talking, possibly because I was bashing the company of it's truths.
The other guy asked me if $49.99/month was affordable to me, after I told him it wasn't.
[ 07:20:31 PM ] : “Are you there with me?”
[ 07:20:33 PM ] Acad Coordinator : Yes
[ 07:20:52 PM ] Guest : Is that a yes you can help me with Chemistry?
[ 07:21:00 PM ] Acad Coordinator : Mo
[ 07:21:03 PM ] : *no
[ 07:21:26 PM ] : Once you sign up with us our tutors will help you right away ..
[ 07:21:38 PM ] Guest : So the only thing you can do is try to persuade me to buy your program? Then why do you say you will answer my question?
[ 07:22:07 PM ] : Interesting.
[ 07:23:08 PM ] Acad Coordinator : Thats my job.
[ 07:23:30 PM ] Guest : Do you like your job? Or do you only work to get money?
[ 07:23:34 PM ] : Be honest.
[ 07:24:38 PM ] : Well, anyways sir, as I said before, all this information will be on my blog, Truth from a Teen.
[ 07:24:53 PM ] Acad Coordinator : sure..
[ 07:25:24 PM ] Guest : I hope you have learned something by this message thread. Thank you for cooperating and revealing a lot about your program.
[ 07:25:41 PM ] : I hope you didn't mind the questions. You did say you would answer them, right?
[ 07:27:09 PM ] : Goodbye. I apologize if I have come off as rude or provocative. My only intention was to reveal that you guys frustrate web searchers trying to find help with their homework. The only problem I have is you advertise what you don’t give. And you aren’t the only company that does this, many do. But you get over a million hits a day by students trying to find help - only to be frustrated by a late notice you give them that the program costs money. Maybe you should advertise it as: Get help 24/7 for $49.99/month? That would really ease my frustration. How can people trust you? I hope you truly understand. Again, thank you for cooperating.

-That's the TFAT.

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, Poll Results: Fictional Truth, etc.

Well, first off, this is my first post of 2011. I started this blog in the middle of April last year, and am proud to be where I am today. Honestly, there were times where I felt the need to give up, but I realized that one day, someone from another country, another society would listen. And I have achieved that goal.

My goal for 2011, is to continue. It may sound easy, but maintaining a blog is a difficult thing to do. I will continue to reach out my voice, continue to use your critique, and continue to study society.

Secondly, the results are in. I wanted to see how many of you were reassured that fictional truth exists and how many of you were still skeptical. Now, these results aren't as accurate as it seems, which is partly my fault. I asked the question wrong- because fictional truth isn't about belief. It is proven to exist. It's like saying the keyboard I'm typing on doesn't exist. Well, it does. The question I should have asked was "Do you think fictional truth is legitimate?"

All in all, I didn't get the point across. I would say the accuracy of this poll is 75% because it asked about belief and not logic, and also because many of you didn't read my edit to the post. Here were the results:

5 (20%) said it doesn't exist and 19 (79%) said it does. I mean, quite honestly the only thing this proves is 5 people are in denial or have misperceived it's meaning. And that is perfectly alright. I didn't think it existed myself, until I did my own research. Indeed, it's a confusing topic. And don't take it in a way that I know all about it, I'm on the same boat as all of you. However, the fact is, it exists. So if the five of you manage to come on this website again, please do talk to me so I can explain to you each individually.

-That's the TFAT.