Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, Poll Results: Fictional Truth, etc.

Well, first off, this is my first post of 2011. I started this blog in the middle of April last year, and am proud to be where I am today. Honestly, there were times where I felt the need to give up, but I realized that one day, someone from another country, another society would listen. And I have achieved that goal.

My goal for 2011, is to continue. It may sound easy, but maintaining a blog is a difficult thing to do. I will continue to reach out my voice, continue to use your critique, and continue to study society.

Secondly, the results are in. I wanted to see how many of you were reassured that fictional truth exists and how many of you were still skeptical. Now, these results aren't as accurate as it seems, which is partly my fault. I asked the question wrong- because fictional truth isn't about belief. It is proven to exist. It's like saying the keyboard I'm typing on doesn't exist. Well, it does. The question I should have asked was "Do you think fictional truth is legitimate?"

All in all, I didn't get the point across. I would say the accuracy of this poll is 75% because it asked about belief and not logic, and also because many of you didn't read my edit to the post. Here were the results:

5 (20%) said it doesn't exist and 19 (79%) said it does. I mean, quite honestly the only thing this proves is 5 people are in denial or have misperceived it's meaning. And that is perfectly alright. I didn't think it existed myself, until I did my own research. Indeed, it's a confusing topic. And don't take it in a way that I know all about it, I'm on the same boat as all of you. However, the fact is, it exists. So if the five of you manage to come on this website again, please do talk to me so I can explain to you each individually.

-That's the TFAT.


  1. You're gonna kill me, because I'm the one who started you on this topic (lol) but I think you need to message me and explain cuz I was one of the 5 :-/

    Sorry, the blog entry (to me) confused more than clarified fictional truth, even after the edit.


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