Sunday, January 16, 2011

Stop Wasting Your Time

Truth is, time is being wasted.

Everyone of us has an equal 24 hours, 1,440 minutes, and 86,400 seconds a day- yet, we don't know how to use it.

We only know how to throw it in the trash.

We don't have time for our parents, but we have time for hypocrisy and lies. We don't have time for wise lectures, but have time for drugs and parties. We don't have time for the true enjoyment of life, but somehow manage to create an artificial joy of ruining our lives.

It's sad.

It's as if some force has overtaken us to become who we truly aren't, has deviated our hearts to loving materialistic things rather than fellow human beings.

And it isn't like we're lying to others, we're lying to ourselves. Every single day. We wake up, and don't know who awoke us. We eat food, and don't care to realize we are fortunate. We smile, at an artificial joy called being a hypocrite- and we don't know it's consequences.

Drinking, partying, smoking, clubbing- all sound fun, right? Sound like a fun way to spend your entire life? No,  it's stupidity. Something your heart regrets. Deep inside, you know it isn't right. Deep inside, you want to change. Deep inside, you hate it all.

You, just want to be, you.

Well, you CAN be you. You just have to think. Take the aspect of time into consideration.

Do you remember the face of your mother when she asked you to bring her some water and you said you were too busy yesterday? Forget that, just an hour ago- don't you remember your father, your husband, your wife, asking you, begging you to just sit down to talk with them, and you said no, you have no "time"?  You said no because you were too busy being a hypocrite? Remember? It isn't because you have bad memory, don't act like a fool- it's because you don't want to remember it.

Brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles- time is limited, and we need to spend it wisely. Because one day, one hour, one second could be the last moment of our lives. And my young peers, it isn't thinking too big for our age, it's thinking wisely- which we all lack- wisdom. And the sooner we realize that our time is just as short as our elder's, we will be able to understand that wasting your time isn't the way to enjoy your life, using it is.

-That's the TFAT.


  1. "And it isn't like we're lying to others, we're lying to ourselves. Every single day. We wake up, and don't know who awoke us. We eat food, and don't care to realize we are fortunate."

    Every single sentence is true. We have to lie to ourselves because it's the only way to get through life at times. We pretend we are okay but inside we are burning or itching for something better, but until then we will drink ourselves to death. Not in a literal manner, but we will drown in our own sorrows and hopefully make it to get old. Then when we are old, we will be just like our grandparents and those before them-- sitting on a rocking chair (recliner more 21st century) wondering what the hell we've done our whole life and how we got to where we are. Time and our words are two things that can never be taken back and that's why it's essential we use our time productively.

    I'm very blessed to travel so often, which I feel has kept me "in check" about realizing how fortunate I am. We eat and don't realize how many out there are starving. We sleep and don't realize how many there are without the basic need of a warm shelter. We drink while others are dying of thirst. We really need to wake up.

  2. @fikiriatu: Thanks for the comment. I totally agree, we do need to wake up before its too late. And you know people say better late than never- well, that doesn't apply here, it's more better EARLY than never. We need to use our time productively. Again, thanks!

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