Friday, January 7, 2011

TutorVista Revealed: A Scam

Edit: TutorVista is no longer a scam! 

I like helping people, so I did this post to save your time. Keep reading. You might have suffered from the same dilemma.

Recently, I was trying to find help for a chemistry problem I had for homework. Every single time I searched a question, the website, Here is what comes up:

Notice, they say "Ask a Question? Get an Answer!" and also say "Connect to a Tutor Now for FREE!". Horrible grammar, horrible spelling, and horrible customer service. It proves that this website is fraudulent. They are TRICKING you, so I decided to save my fellow students from wasting their valuable time as I did, trying to find help with homework.

Here is the conversation.

I am the Guest. 
The comments in black/italics are ones I added just for the post, as commentary.

Welcome to TUTORVISTA .
Type your question in chat window below.
[ 07:08:13 PM ] Guest : I need help with a Chemistry problem.
[ 07:08:19 PM ] Acad Coordinator : Hello
[ 07:08:20 PM ] : my name is Eric
[ 07:08:20 PM ] : I'm your Academic Counselor for the day.
[ 07:08:27 PM ] : We will surely help you in Chemistry
[ 07:08:27 PM ] Guest : Hi Eric.
[ 07:08:31 PM ] Acad Coordinator : Hello
[ 07:08:38 PM ] : Nice to have you online
[ 07:08:40 PM ] Guest : What's up?
[ 07:09:02 PM ] Acad Coordinator : Are you in college or Hs?
[ 07:09:11 PM ] Guest : HS.
[ 07:09:22 PM ] Acad Coordinator : okay
[ 07:09:26 PM ] : Are you preparing for an upcoming test or assignment?
[ 07:09:45 PM ] Guest : I am preparing for you to try to rip me off.
[ 07:10:48 PM ] Acad Coordinator : Not to worry, you are at the right place
[ 07:10:56 PM ] : You will get regular help on concepts, homework problems, assignment questions and projects
[ 07:11:00 PM ] : Our expert tutors hold Master's degree and have long years of teaching experience.
[ 07:11:08 PM ] Guest : Woooah! REALLY!?!
[ 07:11:21 PM ] Acad Coordinator : Yesh
[ 07:11:25 PM ] : *yeah
[ 07:11:29 PM ] : Are you aware how our program works?
[ 07:12:36 PM ] : Are you there with me ?
[ 07:12:47 PM ] Guest : Yes, I am aware. You rip me off of $49.99/month ($600/year) And you type real slow when you reply, making me do my homework in an hour, rather than 30 minutes.
[ 07:13:01 PM ] : Yes, I do know how your program works. Very well.
[ 07:13:35 PM ] Acad Coordinator : Thats great
[ 07:13:47 PM ] Guest : I spoke to "Acad Coordinator" Mark as well. And he didn't reply when I talked to him. All this information will be on my blog by the way. Just so others aren’t frustrated when they click on TutorVista when trying to find FREE help for homework.
[ 07:14:06 PM ] Acad Coordinator: Once you have account with us our tutors will help you right away
[ 07:14:09 PM ] : Tutors will be able to do step by step explanation in regular sessions once you sign up with us.
[ 07:14:10 PM ] Guest : Eric, sir, I have nothing against you, I have something against the awful program you "work" for.
[ 07:14:12 PM ] Acad Coordinator : Our tutors follow state standards and curriculum.
[ 07:14:24 PM ] Guest : You don't have to click on pre-set messages.
[ 07:14:35 PM ] : You just have to listen to me.
[ 07:14:42 PM ] Acad Coordinator : Okay
[ 07:14:45 PM ] : Tellme
[ 07:15:06 PM ] Guest : My dad has been unemployed for over a year now. How am I supposed to afford $49.99 a month for homework help? A $49.99 trial, might I add, that will turn into a hidden charge of $100.00/month by the second month.
[ 07:15:10 PM ] : How?
[ 07:15:34 PM ] Acad Coordinator : I am sorry , to inform you again this is paid service
[ 07:15:47 PM ] : Iam sorry if iam rude to yo ..
[ 07:15:50 PM ] : *you
[ 07:15:56 PM ] Guest : You actually never informed me, I informed you.
[ 07:16:00 PM ] : You are not rude to me.
[ 07:16:06 PM ] : Your program is.
[ 07:16:11 PM ] : I am not rude to you either.
[ 07:16:16 PM ] : I'm rude to your program.
[ 07:16:21 PM ] Acad Coordinator : Yes..
[ 07:16:30 PM ] : Tell me how can i help you with .
"Tell me how can i help you with ."
[ 07:16:33 PM ] Guest : I understand that it is your job to inform me about your program and you get paid.
[ 07:16:42 PM ] Acad Coordinator : Yes
[ 07:16:48 PM ] Guest : So I do not blame you.
[ 07:16:49 PM ] Acad Coordinator : how ,much you can afford?
[ 07:17:10 PM ] Guest : I can't even afford this computer I'm using right now.
[ 07:18:00 PM ] : Sir, how does my Dad apply for a career at TutorVista? Maybe then I'll be able to afford a $588/year plan. Or actually, $1000/year. Since, you do have hidden charges.
[ 07:18:03 PM ] Acad Coordinator : so tell me what can i do now ?
[ 07:18:20 PM ] Guest : Could you possibly help me with Chemistry?
[ 07:19:00 PM ] : Because that is the first thing you promised at the beginning of this chat session.
[ 07:19:17 PM ] : "We will surely help you in Chemistry"
[ 07:19:38 PM ] : By the way, I am glad you reply. I talked to another "tutor" on the site before you and he stopped talking, possibly because I was bashing the company of it's truths.
The other guy asked me if $49.99/month was affordable to me, after I told him it wasn't.
[ 07:20:31 PM ] : “Are you there with me?”
[ 07:20:33 PM ] Acad Coordinator : Yes
[ 07:20:52 PM ] Guest : Is that a yes you can help me with Chemistry?
[ 07:21:00 PM ] Acad Coordinator : Mo
[ 07:21:03 PM ] : *no
[ 07:21:26 PM ] : Once you sign up with us our tutors will help you right away ..
[ 07:21:38 PM ] Guest : So the only thing you can do is try to persuade me to buy your program? Then why do you say you will answer my question?
[ 07:22:07 PM ] : Interesting.
[ 07:23:08 PM ] Acad Coordinator : Thats my job.
[ 07:23:30 PM ] Guest : Do you like your job? Or do you only work to get money?
[ 07:23:34 PM ] : Be honest.
[ 07:24:38 PM ] : Well, anyways sir, as I said before, all this information will be on my blog, Truth from a Teen.
[ 07:24:53 PM ] Acad Coordinator : sure..
[ 07:25:24 PM ] Guest : I hope you have learned something by this message thread. Thank you for cooperating and revealing a lot about your program.
[ 07:25:41 PM ] : I hope you didn't mind the questions. You did say you would answer them, right?
[ 07:27:09 PM ] : Goodbye. I apologize if I have come off as rude or provocative. My only intention was to reveal that you guys frustrate web searchers trying to find help with their homework. The only problem I have is you advertise what you don’t give. And you aren’t the only company that does this, many do. But you get over a million hits a day by students trying to find help - only to be frustrated by a late notice you give them that the program costs money. Maybe you should advertise it as: Get help 24/7 for $49.99/month? That would really ease my frustration. How can people trust you? I hope you truly understand. Again, thank you for cooperating.

-That's the TFAT.


  1. bahahahahahah poor guy xD

  2. Wasted the guy's time, he's just trying to make money so he can live a decent life. Odds are he is in India, Korea, or China making better money than other people in his class do.

  3. They are in India. But the thing that matters is now people that read this post know that TutorVista is not free as advertised. I do agree that the guys time was wasted, but he probably gets paid by the hour anyways lol.

  4. LOL. I just went on that site but I had no idea it was a scam. THANK you for letting me know. THANK you!!

  5. Hilarious. Poor Eric. I just had a similar conversation on their website. Bah. What a waste of time.

  6. Hi there, I'm a reporter for SmartMoney magazine and I'm working on a story about online tutoring services. I'm interested in your experience with Tutorvista and I'd like to talk to you more about it. Can you email me at so we can discuss? Thanks!

    –Jen Wieczner

  7. I wish I came upon this before I wasted 30 mins with a fake tutor trying to sell me the program...

  8. I had a similar conversation just now but the creepy part was that when I was all like okay, bye! The guy was like: We have tracked your IP address! I was like pretty freaked out!

  9. 1 question...y wud u ask the tutor all that? the tutor's job is only 2 teach, but instead u seem to hav plenty of questions on everything except the subject....funny...

  10. FYI, english isn't d official language in every country....there r plenty of german, chinese and japanese scientists who r exceptionally brilliant but do not speak english....

  11. Lol its funny but i feel so bad... its like scamming them back :P

  12. false advertising, they should be reported for SCAM!!

  13. I always get free help. Once i get it, i close the window, it works 9 times out of 10. u guys are crazy. I wouldnt sign up though but scam them back everytime.

  14. I used the free trial once, just for one trouble i was having problems with, and the person I was connected to really did help me. On the whiteboard thingy to the right he wrote out the problem step-by-step and I could see where I messed up.
    So...I guess I was just lucky then?

  15. Hey guys!

    I recently had another conversation with TutorVista and my opinion about them has changed! Read it here:

  16. Aadil your blog really helped me , "tutorvista is not a scam", well as they say most of them misuse the demo service, that's why some of thr ACad coordinator , refuse to give the demo. since i have experienced it once. I have bought the service now and i am glad i am getting complete help from the tutors.

  17. ROFLMAO that cracked me up!! I am so adding this to favorites. lmao...

  18. and something to add to that. Some of those ppl act cocky, especially when they CAPS

    May i know which GRADE your in??

    How can I help YOU?????

    lmao i was talking tovAcad Cordinator Gabrielle

    (who thinks shes all that)


    and she said

    "We do not tolerate profanity, etc etc, Your I.P. address can be traced, etc etc."

    And i said

    "omg omg omg my bad im sorry im sorry can i be forgiven??"

    she said "Its to late now"

    Then i got banned from their site cuz now i cant talk to math tutors....

  19. This is just a big smelly Crap....TutorVista is just a Rip off and this guy Mali probably works there....Fuck you all....You all can suck my cock for free....

  20. This website actually helps, provided you go through their terms. You will need to understand that the guys that speak to you are AC's in other words they are like reps who tell us about how it works. The tutors are reached once you create an account and they are brilliant once they start the sessions.

  21. Hello I don't know exactly who u r..Nor u do....But I can help you with you questions..regarding Tutor Vista...and why Always u get Robotic type of Answers when u enter Tutorvista.for help..I am a teacher and I can help U for Free...Gave a try..If u have a Facebook contact me @ : u will get all the answers...

  22. NE ONE WANT TO KNOW THE INSIDE STORY: m here to help you - Brian

  23. Any service has to be paid for. Especially a service that shows up first as a seach result. How can you expect someone to just sit there online all day waiting to help you free of cost. I dont know much about tutorvista though I can be sure that if you had asked them nicely they would have helped you free before asking you to subscribe to the service.

  24. Oh and by the way you're free to look up typos in my comment. I know there are and you somehow seem to have all the time in the world to look them up and point them out. I dont care. I have other better things to do meanwhile. One of which being finding a solution to one of your self created crisis of getting just about everything wired hacked. Talk about naive lazy ass developers

  25. I understand that we all have to make a living somehow but that does not justify their false advertisements. If they say free then they should offer this free service. Considering it isn't actually free then they should say for a low price instead or something along the lines of that. I wish I had seen this blog before I wasted valuable time I could have spent studying Physics.

  26. Tutorvista is a fraud.

  27. I read this too late.

    Anyhow, I can testify that the above is completely and totally true...

  28. TutorVista doesn't ever work! Once it did, and the guy Peter was flirting with me! Like This:
    Me: I need Homework Help, please
    Peter: Okay, what's your name?
    Me: Angie
    Peter: Thats hot, what subject do you need to work on? Chemistry?, I can arrange that
    Me: Umm, no thank you . i need help on science
    Peter: how does that include sex?
    Peter: Don't hate the player,hate the game

    i wish i could take a pic of it, damn!

    1. This is could never happen on an educational site. Mostly you are faking around. Try not to put false blame on other, the shit may drop on you as well.

    2. Wow! They call it Tutorvista? Should be called Scamvita.

  29. I really appreciate your work Aadil , u have done a great job ,keep It up and God bless you .

    Regards ,
    Nisha and Ghouse

  30. Wow, thanks. I ran into your blog when I was going to give this site a go. Too good to be true. Hillarious conversation. I love it.

  31. I must say that this tutor site is amazing, in the past , i admit... they sucked... but now, you can upload any question and tey'll explain it in less than 10 secons. Dont talk bad bout these guys, theyre Great at teir job.

  32. Guys you should be aware that TutorVista is one of the most affordable site that any US student can afford. They offer us a trial session and if we like their service then we can purchase it. The have now merged with PEARSON as well.

  33. Oh... I understand that so many have misunderstood this site. In order to advertise they give free tutoring for 10 minutes and then of course, they ask you to join as regular student paying money. It can't be a scam for this. I am a regular student of Tutorvista and I do get valuable help. I study anytime, anywhere. Best site for students who wish to save money and time.

  34. although it is a scam to sign up, i did find the answer to my question in their search.

  35. But these days their teaching methodology is sucking. If you ask help for some problem, they solve some other problem for you and you have to find your solution. Time consuming. For example if you ask how to reach New York, they will teach you how to reach Paris. Ridiculous!!!

  36. This is pretty horrible that you are all knocking tutor vista before you even tried it. Just because you messed around with the person on chat trying to get your way does not prove anything. I paid for 2 hours after getting a trial demo session and proof that the tutor could help me. I got so much work done in the 2 hours that I never would have been able to do without the tutor. So if you really DID need the help tutor vista is a very good service if you do have the money to pay for the help. This post I found before trying it almost turned me away and I was close to believing this post. But how ignorant of you to add this post so that people do not use the service. It was last minute help I needed there was no one around on a saturday night last minute to get a free tutor or help like I received from tutor vista. so before you knock something you should actually try it and have proof that they dont know what their doing and they are a "scam"!

    1. Please read this updated post:

  37. It's so fun to troll the people on this stupid website.

  38. Wow, somehow I had a feeling that Tutorvista was just another retarded site used to scam people...kudos to you for revealing that to the public though :)

  39. Haha thanks for this. I needed help on my Geometry homework and I found tutorvista completely by chance. All I wanted was the formula and all that chatbox stuff happened. I waited about ten minutes and during that time I was searching for any GOOD news on them through Google. You saved me a ton of time :)

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  41. Hello,

    This chap tried to get free help so he wasted time .
    How can he seek free help from a paid tutoring service...?

    No free lunch anywhere, it is a reality!!

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  43. Best and funniest one Ive seen on the internet. LOL

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