Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Complexity of Corruption

America has suffered from the verge of depression, a contradictory war on war itself, an inability to create peace, but has it really overcome these corruptions or will they never end?

Illogical attempts were made only contributing fire to a fire already created. Many are quick to blame political leaders, others theorize about supernatural forces. The cause of this massive corruption could lie in the heart of America- secret societies. These societies who are known often for concealing illicit information, could be the reason for America's downfall. As long as we can remember, clandestinity has existed, and today, it has reached it's apex- aimed to reach its goal of conquering the entire world.

Or could the reason be human arrogance? A chase for the American dream- led by arrogance and unattainable goals? This pride, that has diseased everyone into thinking they are better than everyone else. Why do people contradict themselves by saying "People are so stupid" when they are people themselves? Contradiction, mass hypocrisy, secrets that have veiled the truth, have led to corruption and a society that is destined for failure.

Quite recently, I was on Facebook (another sign of corruption, oh- and Justin Bieber LOL), and I was questioning myself on why or how come so many people are ignorant of what they say. How come people instinctively act before they think, click before they read over? Is there a solution to this problem? Great thinkers like Henry David Thoreau were able to master thinking over action, what has made our ability to master it- shattered?

It is most likely due to our arrogant nature, and the environment we live in. We don't feel the need to master using our brains, but we find necessity in mastering how to get more than 10 comments and likes on a Facebook status. Our arrogance has led us to think we know things when we don't.

Therefore, I am forced to believe that corruption will always exist. It's just that today, it has existed at a greater scale than ever before, and we as an inferior society have no other solution than to deal with it. Corruption isn't totally about economic downfall or governmental instabilities- corruption exists all around society. It exists in our homes, our personal lives, in our marriages, due to our religions, our beliefs. Corruption is at it's apex, and human's are inferior to it. It's causes are innumerable, and it's effects are unexplainable. There is no solution to ending it, but there is a way to become superior to it.

Me writing down and brainstorming causes of corruption won't help me to become superior to it. The only purpose of that jibber jabber above was to state the problem.

The solution to overcoming (not defeating) corruption is through the realization that it is a necessary virtue to the existence of humanity.

Learn from your mistakes.

-That's the TFAT.


  1. oasdfiadfjasdkf Justin Bieber... my eyes are burning!

  2. Mission: Read that thing on that thing.
    Mission status: Complete!


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