Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Revisiting TutorVista: It's NOT a Scam

Since I last studied, TutorVista has changed my opinion. They changed the way they do things. Several months ago, I had a phone interview with a reporter from WSJ Magazine, SmartMoney. A couple weeks later, I decided to revisit TutorVista.

The conversation I had with them is below.

I am the Guest.
I'm speaking to the Acad Coordinator.

Welcome to TUTORVISTA !
Type your question in chat window below.
[ 04:18:33 PM ] Guest : tutorvista
[ 04:18:44 PM ] Acad Coordinator : Hello, my name is Natalie I’m your academic counselor for the day
[ 04:18:48 PM ] : yes
[ 04:18:54 PM ] : Let me know your grade and subject to help you better.
[ 04:19:19 PM ] Guest : Chemistry, Algebra 2, Writing
[ 04:19:20 PM ] Acad Coordinator : Are you with me?
[ 04:19:27 PM ] Guest : 10th grade
[ 04:19:49 PM ] : Yes
[ 04:19:51 PM ] : Are you there
[ 04:19:58 PM ] Acad Coordinator : yes
[ 04:20:16 PM ] : Are you familiar with our sessions online?
[ 04:20:43 PM ] Guest : Maybe I am familiar: http://truthfromateen.blogspot.com/2011/01/tutorvista-revealed-scamt.html
[ 04:21:40 PM ] Acad Coordinator : As you know, every big company has competitors and have reviews to mislead customer's.
[ 04:21:51 PM ] : Every company has bad reviews, and even Microsoft is not an exception
[ 04:22:02 PM ] Guest : True.
[ 04:22:04 PM ] Acad Coordinator : It really does not mean the company is bad
[ 04:22:23 PM ] : You can check our Tv feed which are far more trust-able than these blogs
[ 04:22:48 PM ] : http://www.tutorvista.com/press/overview.php#nbcnews
[ 04:23:03 PM ] Guest : But these blogs are people who have actually viewed your service before.
[ 04:23:13 PM ] : Am I right?
[ 04:23:23 PM ] Acad Coordinator : no .not at all
[ 04:23:49 PM ] : 90% of these blogs are from our competitors
[ 04:24:05 PM ] Guest : It seems as if this guy on this blog wants you to advertise your program more efficiently, rather than advertising it as free.
[ 04:25:00 PM ] : That seems to be the main criticism.
[ 04:25:24 PM ] Acad Coordinator : We provide one free session to try us out but you know most of the free sessions are being misused
[ 04:25:49 PM ] Guest : That is true.
[ 04:25:52 PM ] Acad Coordinator : And there is a high cost involved in getting highly qualified tutors to help students online
[ 04:26:42 PM ] Guest : It's interesting, I'm the person who wrote that blog. I did that post a while back. You guys have really changed since that time.
[ 04:27:13 PM ] : If the academic coordinator told me that information a while back, my opinion would be different.
[ 04:27:48 PM ] : My opinion now is different.
[ 04:28:06 PM ] : I see your point of view now.
[ 04:28:21 PM ] Acad Coordinator : Okay
[ 04:29:01 PM ] : We do provide free sessions but now we have also taken steps to ensure that the free sessions are not misused
[ 04:29:20 PM ] Guest : However, I still find it necessary for you to reconsider the way you advertise your product. I do understand the fact where you are talking about misusing free sessions.
[ 04:30:04 PM ] Acad Coordinator : Yes but the advertisement is not false , we do provide a demo session to try our service .
[ 04:31:20 PM ] Guest : Maybe you provide that service now, but back when I was actually considering purchasing the product, one of the academic coordinators wasn't even letting me do the demo- as you can see on my blog.
[ 04:31:41 PM ] Acad Coordinator : I understand that
[ 04:32:08 PM ] : I really do apologies behalf of my colleague
[ 04:33:23 PM ] Guest : Thank you, and I really do apologize for possibly being too harsh towards the company. I recognize you guys are making changes to reassess possible ways to make it more efficient and I find that very wise and necessary.
[ 04:34:17 PM ] : The way you advertised the company to me NOW is how you should advertise it to others.
[ 04:34:43 PM ] Acad Coordinator : Yes we really are trying to do that and being successful in providing quality tutoring at a very affordable costs from past 6 long years
[ 04:34:50 PM ] Guest : Because now, you are actually persuading me to buy your product! :)
[ 04:35:00 PM ] Acad Coordinator : Not really
[ 04:35:13 PM ] : I'm just trying to convince you !
[ 04:36:07 PM ] Guest : Synonyms! I like how you are trying to convince me to buy it, because it actually looks like a trustworthy online tutoring service now. And I appreciate that.
[ 04:36:31 PM ] Acad Coordinator : Thank you.
[ 04:36:52 PM ] Guest : I will definitely put this conversation on my blog, because it gives me a different perspective of the company, and it will change others views too.
[ 04:36:58 PM ] : Your company has gained my trust.
[ 04:37:28 PM ] Acad Coordinator : Appreciate it , Thank you so very much !
[ 04:39:00 PM ] Guest : Hey, no problem! Just an idea- maybe only give demo sessions to those who pay a certain small fee (like $9.99 or something).
[ 04:39:22 PM ] Acad Coordinator : Yes we did try that
[ 04:39:41 PM ] Guest : I'm guessing it didn't work.
[ 04:40:30 PM ] Acad Coordinator : Yes , most of the students found it very cheap and assumed that the service might be bad like the price that we offer them
[ 04:40:48 PM ] Guest : Interesting.
[ 04:41:04 PM ] Acad Coordinator : Let me share a promotional offer Screen shot that we had couple of months back.
The screenshot she shared with me advertising a $5/week trial offer.

[ 04:41:24 PM ] : $5 for a week trial.
[ 04:41:55 PM ] Guest : Yes I do see that.
[ 04:42:13 PM ] : That's interesting.
[ 04:42:20 PM ] : I could see how that works.
[ 04:42:23 PM ] Acad Coordinator : On an average
[ 04:42:35 PM ] : There would be 600 students who sign's up but
[ 04:42:50 PM ] : When this promotion was on there were only 200 students who signed up for this
[ 04:43:01 PM ] Guest : Wow.
[ 04:43:42 PM ] Acad Coordinator : Yeah
[ 04:43:46 PM ] Guest : Well, I was actually currently in conversation with a reporter of a magazine in the US regarding my experience with TutorVista.
[ 04:43:59 PM ] Acad Coordinator : Okay!
[ 04:44:02 PM ] Guest : And now I will have to send this conversation with them.
[ 04:44:24 PM ] Acad Coordinator : Great !
[ 04:44:24 PM ] Guest : So that they know that TutorVista has changed my opinion.
[ 04:44:42 PM ] : And gained my trust.
[ 04:45:15 PM ] Acad Coordinator : Thank you again !
[ 04:45:48 PM ] Guest : No problem, thank you for everything. I might advertise your company to friends now! :)
[ 04:46:11 PM ] Acad Coordinator : Nice, i didnt get you name ?
[ 04:46:44 PM ] : *your
[ 04:47:11 PM ] Guest : My name is Aadil Malik.
[ 04:47:34 PM ] Acad Coordinator : Pleasure meeting you online Aadil.
[ 04:47:48 PM ] Guest : You as well.
[ 04:48:15 PM ] Acad Coordinator : Thank you for your time.

Today, I decided to again visit the website to see what changes they have made. Turns out, now when you chat with them, you chat with an Academic Coordinator as well as a Tutor! Check this picture out. I was able to ask a question to the tutor and he helped me solve it out, then I was able to talk to the Academic Coordinator to speak about the latest deal they were offering.

A tutor from TutorVista helping me answer a math problem.
This means that they have now seriously started granting demo sessions. They are now advertising their website correctly by saying "Connect to a Tutor now for FREE!".

My claim of it being a scam has diminished. It's funny how my original TutorVista Scam post, which you can read here, had the most views out of all my posts, because when you search "TutorVista Scam" on Google, it appears in the first 10 results.

However, it is safe for me to say now that TutorVista is indeed not scamming it's consumers. But keep in mind, I never purchased their product to see if they scam you after you purchase, but I'm sure they don't. I would even argue to say it is the best and most easily accessed online tutor service out there.

So, I sincerely apologize for my false accusations. The TutorVista post was out of the box from my usual blogging, but it's always good to help people. And this time, I'm helping an entire company regain its well-deserved dignity.

-That's the TFAT.


  1. Yes it really helped me

  2. Yes indeed they helped me alot

  3. no, they still ripped me off.

  4. Yes i have an experienced with them. They really help me.But now they don't have monthly unlimited thingy but an hourly packages.

  5. Way to turn into a pansy

  6. I went to Tutorvista just forty-five minutes ago, and all forty-five minutes was a waste of time. Not once did they make any step towards helping me with my Algebra problem... they just kept trying to sell me their service.

    Not useful.

  7. A company will always have ups and downs and its a very genuine concern to cause awareness about the service, thank you and YES TUTORVISTA is not a scam.

  8. They want to buy my soul before they will help me.

  9. Well i think that both sides are correct. but i tried it out and most of the time they ditched me and I'm only 8

  10. I don't know who's right (BTW, i wrote the comment above this)


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