Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama is Dead, "Let's Nuke Them"?

The news has spread through all corners of the globe.

Al-Qaeda founder and leader, Osama Bin-Laden, was killed in a hideout established in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

However, a major concern still exists. Will there be a backlash? Will revenge be sought, or is this the end?

I have no problem in the event that has taken place. I am as proud as every other American. But I do have a problem with one key thing this event has caused, and that is an issue with semantics.

"We killed their leader and now they might seek revenge on us."
"Let them attack us. We'll nuke those pigs."

Who are they? I am afraid people are quick to assume and make the connotation of Muslims being who we are at war with, and this is something President Obama has tackled in many of his speeches. Muslims and Islam are not at war with America. Al-Qaeda is. It is also, in my judgement, incorrect to label these terrorist organizations as "Islamic", as their actions do not correspond with the fundamentals of the peace-promoting religion.

It is important, especially now, that we know who we are talking about when we refer to "they". I assure the people who think that if Al-Qaeda retaliates, we will "nuke" Pakistan or Afghanistan- that United States will not use nuclear forces unless the threat of nuclear warfare is upon us. With that said, in recent weeks, government files have been leaked revealing Al-Qaeda has stated for years that if Osama was to be ever found (dead, killed, or alive), that the terror group would unleash a "nuclear hellstorm" on the United States and other parts of the world.

I don't mean to ruin all the excitement, but instead my fear has increased after his death because of the threat of warfare, and I'm more scared than when he was alive.

However, my point is, in a time like this, the media has to be very careful in defining who the enemy is.

We all just need to get along.

...but in a case of semantics, one might ask - who are we?

-That's the TFAT.


  1. If the nuclear threat is true, then we've just put ourselves into a position worse than the one we were in before. The question now would be how do we get out of it? Obviously, we need to find and get rid of Al-Qaeda's nuclear capabilities, but that's easier said than done. Honestly, I'm afraid of what will happen in the coming months.

  2. There is definitely a real threat stemming from Bin Laden's death.. that's why I wasn't celebrating when Obama announced the news. Even in Somalia, Al-Shabaab (a rebel group that has strong ties to Al-Qaeda) has threatened the lives of government officials and has beefed up their forces in the capitol to avenge his death.. despite the fact that the Somali government had nothing to do with it.

    Also, many people will inevitably view Osama as a "Muslim leader" and view the "war on Terror" as a war with Islam. That's a given, and it's primarily due to their own ignorance as well as the anti-Islamic agenda that Western media has been pushing for so long now.

    Unfortunately, there isn't much we can do about it besides educate, and Alhamdulilah it seems like we've been making a lot of progress in that respect. This post is a perfect example of the effort that people all over the world have been making to help combat the widespread and unfounded hatred that this beautiful religion has fallen victim to.

    Insha'Allah we won't have to worry about a nuclear war breaking out any time soon, but we still can't rule out the possibility. The best thing we can do now is just pray for the best and continue educating others so that one day our children won't have to deal with the same stigma that we're dealing with today.

  3. Thats a very good article. I am looking at the paragraph that says "Unfortunately, there isn't much we can do about it besides..." You are doing quite a lot i would say. Being the best American we can be will bring success and open people's hearts and minds.

    I am an American Citizen, my father immigrated here from Ireland when he was 8 years old. I am a Freemason, a US Army Veteran, and also a Muslim. ( took the Shahadat about two months ago). I didn't change or convert to Islam when i took the Shahadat, I simply professed what i have always known to be true. I have been a Muslim since birth and long before. Allah chose a special path for me so i would realize and cherish this wonderful gift.

    The thing is, I am of Irish decent, and like my Celtic brothers and sisters find great dignity in my heritage. But I am an American first. I beleive my father was guided by Allah to this country so we could (be greatful, live haply" have a better life and that is what i have always worked to do... its about gratitude.

    People talk about Islam coming to America. That is incorrect. Islam has always been here and Islam comes from America. (at least it should if we are true to our professions) The profession that we are "one nation under God..." and the commitment to Liberty and Freedom, the struggle to stop playing god, and start trusting God is our common bond and should always be carried with dignity. None of us, regardless of our heritage, is here by mistake. We may feel we came here for one reason or another, but the Qur'an says differently. Allah put us here because this is where He wants us.

    That said, as Muslim's we have to avoid the "We-isms" that seperate us from our fellow countrymen. Being a "White" Muslim, i do encounter skepticism and resistance, but so do Muslims everywhere. I have long been rejected by other Americans because I'm "white" (though i have no idea where "Whiteland" is or why people think i come from there). People, even our government, constantly bombard me with the legacy of slavery racism, and oppression.... during times of slavery, my people where dying in the streets of Ireland with green faces from eating grass, while food was everywhere in abundance... but we are oppressive? Its all a bunch of self-serving lies. Allah will show them wherein they are wrong, I just need to be patient and remain greatful.

    So, That said, there was a parade in Philadelphia this weekend by Muslim organizations highlighting the contributions of Muslims to America. It wasn't that well attended, but i beleive made a great impact.

    We need to collectively erase the idea from our hearts and minds that being a Muslim, and being an American are such very different things. We have a duty and an obligation to be both. If we don't beleive that, how can we expect anyone else to believe it?

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