Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Speech: "From Who Is Aadil Malik to I Am Aadil Malik!"

Today was the day. Speech 2. The explanation of the transformation from last year to this year. From "Who Is..." to "I am Aadil Malik".

From Who Is to I Am
It’s kind of dumb
But um, this transformation from being a bum to becoming the one
Who leads others, is simply a dream for some

But you see I had never dreamt this dream
Never imagined that this would be reality
In actuality, four or five years ago, this wouldn’t be me
I wouldn’t be standing here giving this speech
Instead, I would be sitting at home, on my sofa, watching TV
Happy with getting F’s and C’s
Happy with being lazy
Happy with no prosperity
Happy with a lack of capacity

I would have never asked myself, Who is Aadil Malik?

Because we, as humanity, have a tendency to fear what we do not know
And what I didn’t know back then was the twist of fate my future had in store

A simple, rhetorical question
That spread like a pestilent disease
Eight words with determination, explanation, fascination, asked and answered with such ease -
Eight charged words that exploded out of my speech
Those eight words being:
Who is Aadil Malik?
I am Aadil Malik!

Aadil Malik-
The man who stands firmly when asked to be brought down
No fret, no frown
Like Chris Brown
Ayo Breezy, look at me now!

Speaking of that song, forget Busta Rhymes
Sometimes I rhyme like I’m inside Einstein’s mind
Finding the rhymes that chime with mine
Like a kind of mind that finds which rhymes align to those that are assigned with mine
These lines that intertwine by their rhymes that shine
You’re inclined to wonder how I combined these lines in due time
That have absolutely nothing to do with my speech
Yet I have managed to define my ability.

And you all had no idea what I just said.

But listen clearly, this isn’t about my resume
Don’t be fooled, I don’t want to be another player in that game
Those eight words exploded out of my ribcage
As a cry out to those who don’t believe me when I say
I am Aadil Malik.

As President, I have realized how much responsibility it takes
I have conquered many milestones, but I've also made mistakes.
Indeed, don't be fooled, I've got more faults than a map of earthquakes.
Just like you, I'm not perfect, but I've realized the distinction between being real, or fake. So, I'm sorry if I've created an illusion that I do things for an ego's sake, because truly pride is as inferior to me as a man to a snake.

It isn’t about me.
In fact it isn’t about you either.
It’s about ALL OF us.

We together are one diverse body of students that have the ability to change the school
We are all Presidents of our student body that have the power to create something cool
I am no one without all of you

Of course, you will see all the dances, assemblies, all the dress down days, the Facebook page,
You will continue to see all the new ideas this year’s council has portrayed
But something that I have learned this year from my mistakes
Is that my goal isn’t ONLY to bring an honor to this place

My goal is to bring an honor to the students I represent
My goal is to improve your experience at CCS
My goal is to help you to make your mark here and leave your permanent dent
My goal is to advocate and implement your ideas to the best of my competence

I am not standing here to beg you to re-elect me
I am telling you to look behind my fancy words and my speech
I am asking you to realize beyond what it is that I preach

I am Aadil Malik.

And together, what is “simply a dream for some” will be OUR reality.
Together, we will all lead. 
Thank you!


  1. great speech and even more amazing blog! I recently stumbled upon it, and I am blown away. Great work! keep it up!

  2. Dear Aadil,
    I learned about you and your website this afternoon. You indeed are a very smart young man who is very passionate about his aims and goals in your life.

    I wish you all the best in the future and look forward to your accomplishments as a politician.

    Mona Azam

  3. I can't not read this in your voice :)



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