Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Totally, Like, Not Like, You Know? Speak With Conviction

If you haven't noticed, it has become weird to like sound like you know what you are talking about, you know? Or actually be confident in what the hell you're trying to say? It's like, these question marks just pop up at the end of our sentences, you know? Like, once um, we actually were like able to declare a point in our declarative sentences until one random day, like some... thing just... like, you know? It's just like, totally... whatever?

Our inarticulacy shouldn't be blamed on stupidity, or a "disorder" like ADHD, we shouldn't hide the fact that we are the most inarticulate generation of humanity to ever set foot on Planet Earth. Even the cavemen developed a language and "spoke" with more conviction than we do today.

The way we speak leads to misinterpretations, arguments, altercations, harsh words - only because we don't always mean what we say. Unfortunately, this isn't a problem with the English language, but instead its a problem with the way we are raised. Many of us fail to get a point across in speech as easily we do on paper, and for others its vice versa.

One cause of our lack of conviction is the way our education system is based upon questioning authority. We are encouraged to question one another, albeit this is a good thing, in the long run we must realize we need to learn how to SPEAK with authority too.

For me, it is easier to speak to a large group of people than a small one. Some say public speaking is a gift for me, but honestly, I don't know how to talk in public. Sometimes, I do stutter, get nervous, and often lack conviction. When it comes to writing, I find it much easier to express my thoughts. This idea leads me to the second cause of lack of articulacy - the age of technological advancements.

Today, we are much more apt to use Microsoft Word to write an essay, than write it on paper using pen. Its just not the same. Many of us are unbelievably articulate essayists, but unbelievably horrible speakers. We learn how to be articulate using technology, instead of using our body parts.

I could state many theories/reasons of why our current society is so inarticulate, but honestly, the reasons don't matter as much as the solutions do.

The solution is to speak with authority. Give a damn about what you are saying, and end your sentence with a period. Be confident in what you say, even if you are wrong. The result of inarticulacy is immaturity. If you don't know how to speak with authority, nobody will take you seriously.

Stutter if you need to, "um" if you want, but never declare a question and ask an answer.

You have a voice. Use it.


Monday, August 29, 2011

"A Real Love Poem", A Poem By: Aadil Malik

This poem is for those who aren't color blind
Those who know the rose is red and the violet is blue
This poem is for those who feel they've lost their mind
Broken promises, relationships, meaningless "I Love You's"

This poem is for those who wish to say they are sorry
Sorry I couldn't give something to you that you deserved to be given
This poem is for those who believe nothing lasts
For their future and pasts have been shattered into shards of glass

This poem is for those who know the meaning of true love.

True love in a society centered on artificial compassion, virtual hearts and smiles, and wordless tongues
True love in a society that doesn't understand love isn't only in the heart, but the brain, the mouth, the breath in the lungs.


To love, real love, an unconditional affection
No divorces, no complications, only perfection
Glowing complexions, husbands protecting children
Natural connections
THAT, my friends, is love.

Be it arranged, or be it at first sight
Be it gay and lesbian, or be it black and white
Be it through marriage, family, friendships, or fights
Be it with Caucasions, Haitians, African Americans, or Asians
Love is Coexistence. Patience.

That. Is. Love.

Nobody knows what love is, the lucky ones only know what it "means"
Because the problem is you don't know love, love knows you, you see
Love is not simply an emotion or a cause, but a cure trapped in the barrier of your human body
Love sees inside out and not outside in
You don't know love because you can't see it, love is hidden
Love sees your stomach, your liver, your blood, your intestines
Love is within.

Love is your heartbeat that beats until you die
Because when your heart stops beating, your love commits suicide

Love is encased in the womb known as humanity
And to express it, one must let it out in mundanity
But this task is not as easy as it may seem
Some find love through first kisses, deaths, sympathy, empathy
Some find love through sex, marriage, family, intimacy
Some find love through art, music, spirituality
Some find love through religion, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity

I find love through poetry.

Because these poetic lines rhyme with the love I have encased within my bony body,
as the pen hits the paper and the fingers hit the keys,
love is the ring worn by my wife, Poetry.

And although these meaningless words have lost its value
I want you to understand that I truly do love you.
Not like a fat kid loves his chocolate cake
But instead like the real man I desire to be in a world where too many are fake -

I. Love. You.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Who Am I?

School has just started, and I must say, I am more prepared this year than I was last. I feel much more confident, much more relaxed, and much more comfortable with Junior Year.

This week, my writing teacher assigned our class an assignment - an essay that answers the question; "Who Am I?".

I liked what I wrote because it actually is the truth. I edited it to make it appropriate for my blog. I hope this gives you a better insight on how who I am as a person, and what I believe.

The obvious answer to this question is that “I am Aadil Malik”, but this doesn’t define who I am as a person; the answer to that question can’t be found in a birth certificate or an ID, not even the heart- rather, our mind. Simply put, if I can’t answer this question myself, who can? A much easier question would be: “Who ISN’T Aadil Malik?” I am not a product of any system, not a master of any product, and not a system itself. I am not a Democrat or Republican, not a Journalist or a Teacher - in fact; I’m not even a student.

What I am is human, a noun that I believe has lost its value in today’s society.

My reputation may serve me wrong – of course, I have labels, such as Student and Founder of this blog. However, quite honestly, I don't think of me as any of these.

Our humanist society has led us to believe that some of us carry a higher rank than others. We are plagued by clashing religions and cultures as a result of this belief.

I am simply human. I am not inferior to any other being, and I am not superior to any other being. I am equal. Equal in a dog-eat-dog society that is based on a system where people feel degrees, education, and experience, make them masters of this life. I am the equator of a map where the wealthy have reached the North Pole, and the poor have frozen at the South. I am a combination of every adjective that exists, just like you, and just like the rest of the human race. I am human, and that’s the only place my pride lives. I am not proud to be Student Body President, not proud to be a student at my school, I’m simply and only proud to be human, because not only does that make me equal to you and everyone else, but different as well.

The unit of equality has been overshadowed by units of ego, assumption, mistrust, misinterpretation, and pride. And of course, there are times where I am not visibly equal, but its because I never will be. In the wise words of Hannah Montana, nobody is perfect. But, in the wise words of every Holy Book on planet Earth, EVERYBODY IS EQUAL.

Monday, August 15, 2011

"Speak Up", A Poem By: Aadil Malik

It rains hardest on those who deserve the sun
Economy sucks but still the rich have fun
Tax cuts for the wealthy
Budget cuts for the poor, but you see
Its not the wealth that concerns us, its our democracy

Public school districts across the state and nation
Face agonizing decisions about how to pare budgets drained by the economic inflation
The result of a combination of poor bipartisanship and poor cooperation
If our leaders don't listen to eachother, why would they listen to our advocation?

We live in a society that depends on clandestinity
Anonymity, and carcinogenicinity
We hide our knowledge, ourselves, and spread lies like cancer
Misinterpretation leading to religious and cultural clashes, everyone screaming their's is the "answer"
When nobody questioned them in the first place.

Should we blame our leaders, or should we blame the system?
Point fingers at the President or the one's who elected him?
Point fingers at Democrats or Republicans?
Or do we point fingers at ourselves?

Is the decline in democracy our fault?
Is it our fault that there are less people who speak their mind than the number of victims of physical assault?
By default, we blame those who have higher authority
But the blame truly goes to those who fail to speak their minds effectively

A tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?
You speak your mind and no one is around to hear it, do you make a sound?
Don't be a tree, be a blessing to humanity
A tree has no language, but humanity can express
Instead of blaming authority, tell them the truth, confess

It rains hardest on those who deserve the sun
But if you speak up, the rain will oblige, and the sun will lend you one.