Monday, August 29, 2011

"A Real Love Poem", A Poem By: Aadil Malik

This poem is for those who aren't color blind
Those who know the rose is red and the violet is blue
This poem is for those who feel they've lost their mind
Broken promises, relationships, meaningless "I Love You's"

This poem is for those who wish to say they are sorry
Sorry I couldn't give something to you that you deserved to be given
This poem is for those who believe nothing lasts
For their future and pasts have been shattered into shards of glass

This poem is for those who know the meaning of true love.

True love in a society centered on artificial compassion, virtual hearts and smiles, and wordless tongues
True love in a society that doesn't understand love isn't only in the heart, but the brain, the mouth, the breath in the lungs.


To love, real love, an unconditional affection
No divorces, no complications, only perfection
Glowing complexions, husbands protecting children
Natural connections
THAT, my friends, is love.

Be it arranged, or be it at first sight
Be it gay and lesbian, or be it black and white
Be it through marriage, family, friendships, or fights
Be it with Caucasions, Haitians, African Americans, or Asians
Love is Coexistence. Patience.

That. Is. Love.

Nobody knows what love is, the lucky ones only know what it "means"
Because the problem is you don't know love, love knows you, you see
Love is not simply an emotion or a cause, but a cure trapped in the barrier of your human body
Love sees inside out and not outside in
You don't know love because you can't see it, love is hidden
Love sees your stomach, your liver, your blood, your intestines
Love is within.

Love is your heartbeat that beats until you die
Because when your heart stops beating, your love commits suicide

Love is encased in the womb known as humanity
And to express it, one must let it out in mundanity
But this task is not as easy as it may seem
Some find love through first kisses, deaths, sympathy, empathy
Some find love through sex, marriage, family, intimacy
Some find love through art, music, spirituality
Some find love through religion, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity

I find love through poetry.

Because these poetic lines rhyme with the love I have encased within my bony body,
as the pen hits the paper and the fingers hit the keys,
love is the ring worn by my wife, Poetry.

And although these meaningless words have lost its value
I want you to understand that I truly do love you.
Not like a fat kid loves his chocolate cake
But instead like the real man I desire to be in a world where too many are fake -

I. Love. You.



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