Thursday, August 18, 2011

Who Am I?

School has just started, and I must say, I am more prepared this year than I was last. I feel much more confident, much more relaxed, and much more comfortable with Junior Year.

This week, my writing teacher assigned our class an assignment - an essay that answers the question; "Who Am I?".

I liked what I wrote because it actually is the truth. I edited it to make it appropriate for my blog. I hope this gives you a better insight on how who I am as a person, and what I believe.

The obvious answer to this question is that “I am Aadil Malik”, but this doesn’t define who I am as a person; the answer to that question can’t be found in a birth certificate or an ID, not even the heart- rather, our mind. Simply put, if I can’t answer this question myself, who can? A much easier question would be: “Who ISN’T Aadil Malik?” I am not a product of any system, not a master of any product, and not a system itself. I am not a Democrat or Republican, not a Journalist or a Teacher - in fact; I’m not even a student.

What I am is human, a noun that I believe has lost its value in today’s society.

My reputation may serve me wrong – of course, I have labels, such as Student and Founder of this blog. However, quite honestly, I don't think of me as any of these.

Our humanist society has led us to believe that some of us carry a higher rank than others. We are plagued by clashing religions and cultures as a result of this belief.

I am simply human. I am not inferior to any other being, and I am not superior to any other being. I am equal. Equal in a dog-eat-dog society that is based on a system where people feel degrees, education, and experience, make them masters of this life. I am the equator of a map where the wealthy have reached the North Pole, and the poor have frozen at the South. I am a combination of every adjective that exists, just like you, and just like the rest of the human race. I am human, and that’s the only place my pride lives. I am not proud to be Student Body President, not proud to be a student at my school, I’m simply and only proud to be human, because not only does that make me equal to you and everyone else, but different as well.

The unit of equality has been overshadowed by units of ego, assumption, mistrust, misinterpretation, and pride. And of course, there are times where I am not visibly equal, but its because I never will be. In the wise words of Hannah Montana, nobody is perfect. But, in the wise words of every Holy Book on planet Earth, EVERYBODY IS EQUAL.


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