Monday, May 23, 2011

Burqa Ban: UPDATE

I did a post in April regarding the recent law passed by the French government that banned the burqa (Islamic veil). The post consisted of a letter which I sent to the Embassy of France.

Today, I decided to check my email, and was surprised to see a reply from the Press Office of the Embassy.

The email says:

Hello Mr. Malik,

Thank you for your input! Unfortunately, many of the people that work at
the Press Office, including myself, are simply interns, so we do not
have the capacity or ability to reply to you concerning French policy or
French positions on affairs. I did, however, read your post, and found
it very interesting. Thank you for being so thoughtful and active. As I
am not able to respond to your article, I have forwarded your message to
a person who is in charge of Press Requests, and hopefully she may be of
assistance. Keep in mind, however, that she is extremely busy and may
not have the time to respond to your blog post. I still enjoyed your
commentary and hopefully you will hear back from her.
Good luck on your blog post, and stay as thoughtful as you are! Good
luck in the future.

Press Office
Embassy of France
To me, it is a big deal that I received a reply from someone in the Embassy, despite their role, because I feel accomplished that the message has been delivered. I will keep you posted if/when the Head of Press Requests replies.

On a side note, in the Burqa Ban blog post, I mentioned a well-known Muslim Scholar by the name of Imam Siraj Wahhaj.

Over the past weekend, I had the pleasure to hear him speak and meet with him. I discussed my efforts with him and he showed his support.

Here is a picture of him and I:

It was great to meet someone who I aspire to be like one day.

-That's the TFAT.

Friday, May 13, 2011

TFAT v.3.7 Lemon Released

I've been getting criticism on the past layout, and I know I've went through hundreds now... but until this summer vacation, Lemon will remain.

And of course, as usual- new look, but same old truth.

TFAT v. 3.7 Lemon Designed by Aadil Malik.
-That's the TFAT.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

I Hate Mother's Day

To start off this post, I'd simply like to thank all the mothers out there, or soon to be mothers.

There is absolutely no way we can ever really thank our mom for all she does for us, nevertheless we must make it a habit to keep reminding ourselves of the various sacrifices she made while raising us.

With that said, I find it safe to say that I hate Mother's Day.

Before you hate me for saying such a statement, I would like to explain why I hate Mother's Day.

Mother's Day has become an excuse for most people. I believe mother's don't deserve one day to be honored.

They deserve to be honored every single day of their life (and beyond). Consider it your job to honor them, that is how important it is. Sure, it's nice to make them feel "special" for a day, but just imagine how they would feel if you made them feel "special" everyday!

The reason I hate Mother's Day is because for most of us, it limits our love. Give flowers to your mother on a random day and see how surprised she is, and then give them to her on Mother's Day and compare the reactions. Don't allow a commercialized holiday reflect your love for your Mom.

Mother's Day was "founded" by Ann Jarvis, a woman's rights activist. However, I find this part funny- commercialization of the U.S. holiday began very early, and only nine years after the first official Mother's Day, the celebrations had became so rampant that Mother's Day founder Ann Jarvis herself became a major opponent of what the holiday had become, spending the rest of her life fighting what she saw as an abuse of the celebration. She criticized the practice of purchasing greeting cards, which she saw as a sign of being too lazy to write a personal letter. She was arrested in 1948 for disturbing the peace while protesting against the commercialization of Mother's Day, and she finally said that she "...wished she would have never started the day because it became so out of control ...".

If the founder herself hates what the holiday has become, I do too. Commercialization is the only thing keeping this holiday running. This holiday doesn't celebrate mothers, instead it celebrates the revenue gained from it.

Mother's Day is now one of the most commercially successful U.S. occasions, having become the most popular day of the year to dine out at a restaurant in the United States and generating a significant portion of the U.S. jewelry industry's annual revenue, from custom gifts like mother's rings. According to IBISWorld, Americans spend approximately $2.6 billion on flowers, $1.53 billion on pampering gifts—like spa treatments—and another $68 million on greeting cards.

An old picture of my Mom and I, but every picture with her is timeless.
That is why I hate Mother's Day, but oh, do I love my momma!

-That's the TFAT.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

TFAT v. 3.5 Garlic is Released!

Check it out! New look, same old truth!

TFAT v. 3.5 Garlic created by Aadil Malik, Creator of TFAT.
-That's the TFAT.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama is Dead, "Let's Nuke Them"?

The news has spread through all corners of the globe.

Al-Qaeda founder and leader, Osama Bin-Laden, was killed in a hideout established in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

However, a major concern still exists. Will there be a backlash? Will revenge be sought, or is this the end?

I have no problem in the event that has taken place. I am as proud as every other American. But I do have a problem with one key thing this event has caused, and that is an issue with semantics.

"We killed their leader and now they might seek revenge on us."
"Let them attack us. We'll nuke those pigs."

Who are they? I am afraid people are quick to assume and make the connotation of Muslims being who we are at war with, and this is something President Obama has tackled in many of his speeches. Muslims and Islam are not at war with America. Al-Qaeda is. It is also, in my judgement, incorrect to label these terrorist organizations as "Islamic", as their actions do not correspond with the fundamentals of the peace-promoting religion.

It is important, especially now, that we know who we are talking about when we refer to "they". I assure the people who think that if Al-Qaeda retaliates, we will "nuke" Pakistan or Afghanistan- that United States will not use nuclear forces unless the threat of nuclear warfare is upon us. With that said, in recent weeks, government files have been leaked revealing Al-Qaeda has stated for years that if Osama was to be ever found (dead, killed, or alive), that the terror group would unleash a "nuclear hellstorm" on the United States and other parts of the world.

I don't mean to ruin all the excitement, but instead my fear has increased after his death because of the threat of warfare, and I'm more scared than when he was alive.

However, my point is, in a time like this, the media has to be very careful in defining who the enemy is.

We all just need to get along.

...but in a case of semantics, one might ask - who are we?

-That's the TFAT.