Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Letter #1: A Letter to an Islamic Terrorist

Dear Islamic Terrorist,

I do not question your motives, I question your actions.

I do not question your faith, I question your medium of practice.

I do not question your intelligence, I question your ignorance.

I see that you may, with true conviction, believe you are acting in the name of justice, in the name of of God, in the name of Allah. I see that you, with true conviction, believe you are doing the right thing. You believe that there are people who intend to demolish your religion, your way of life. You believe, therefore, that your acts are not attacks, but are acts of defense. You believe that you are defending against the evil, the enemies of Allah, and you are certain of your entry in paradise for your apparent valiant acts.

I am not questioning your faith in God, for it may be even stronger than mine. I am merely pointing out your ignorance of other's faiths.

I realize your faith is the most important aspect in your life. I realize that you feel worthless, insecure, helpless, frustrated, ignored.

I realize that you believe you are superior.

You aren't.

And I'm not saying this intending to compile an existentialist manifest of bull crap, it's true. You are just as human as I am, just as human as anyone else on this world.

Just because you are Muslim, does not in any shape or form make you superior or inferior to any other being on this Earth. And just because you believe to be fighting for the good, doesn't mean you are. No one ever truly knows whether or not they are doing something for the better -  there are two sides to every story. And it doesn't matter if you are Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, Jewish, Agnostic, Atheist, Catholic - whether your deity is God or whether you are simply inferior to the world as an existing mass - you can never judge your own actions with true, sound, and correct conviction. Especially YOU as a fellow Muslim. You can not say with true conviction that you are guaranteed entry into paradise.

And that may frustrate you. As it should, because you are not alone. Everyone is as confused as you are in this world. Nobody knows for sure that God exists. Many of us only BELIEVE it.

It all comes down to this fact:

We all have our own differences. If I traveled across my own country, my political ideology would meet hostile opposition. Our beliefs are unique, and that is a beautiful thing once we are willing to accept that fact, and not abolish it.

What troubles you the most is that others view you as a terrorist, whereas you view others as terrorists against your religion.

The answer to your dilemma is simple: there are other mediums of expressing your belief system. Suicide bombing and mass killing isn't the answer - whether you are Muslim, Christian, black or white.

Because to tell you the truth, I personally believe your motive is genuinely pure. Your motive is to protect Islam from evil perception. But the harsh truth behind your motive is the way you are committing your actions. You are furthering the evil perception.

Finally, I will not ask you to reconsider your motives, for they are pure, but I will ask you to reconsider your actions.

I leave you to simply choose one. Which do you want? Which does every person truly want?


One choice. Your choice. Our choice.

Peace and Prosperity,


  1. deep stuff right here, i can dig it. the only question i have for you is - will global peace ever exist? or is it a lost cause...

  2. Edit: I leave you too simply choose one.

    Good first letter; it reminds me of the quote: "One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter."

  3. @fikiriatu: I appreciate your edit :)

    LOVE that quote. So stealing it and putting it in the post lol.

  4. I love reading your articles it gives an outlook of a different religion that I would never get to see.

    Your passion is a real inspiration.


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