Thursday, April 5, 2012

TFAT v.7.0 Dad Released

Woah! I know, I know - it hasn't even been a month since the last update, but in recognition of TFAT's upcoming 3rd anniversary, I decided to listen to my Dad and give the whole website a makeover!

Ever since I started my blog, my Dad never liked any of the templates I chose. I went through so many trying to please him, but he always thought they were either too distracting or sometimes too ugly.

So today, I went on my website, and I put myself in my Dad's perspective. I began to notice how distracting my backgrounds could be. The major focus of my blog is what I WRITE, the text. The disadvantage of having a complex or colorful background is that it can make a reader focus more on the color or the texture than what is written or what is important.

I decided to delete my entire template and start fresh. New background, new layout, new color scheme, new fonts, new pictures, new everything.

And now you have it, TFAT v.7.0 Dad.

This one is for you, Daddy :)



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