Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Poem I Wrote Some Thousand Feet Above Florida

As I was flying home from my vacation in Florida this morning, I decided to write a poem to reflect on my trip. This is what came to mind some thousand feet in the sky above Florida:

And there --
like the sun finding its niche beneath the horizon,
like the marks of feet soaked by the sea;

The memories.

They appear when eyelids close
like oysters hiding pearls
or apples harboring worms.

They round our squares
and sharpen our vertices.
They pump our beat
and raise our hair.

They exist for us.
They are us.

And etched in the past,
they become nothing more than
lost shoe-prints
deserted fingerprints;

Shared breath.

Love once had.
Life once lived.

Memories made.

Photo taken on 11/30/13 in Cocoa Beach, Florida.


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