Saturday, April 11, 2015


I used to come to this place often. I don't know when that changed.

I woke up today feeling the best I've felt in months. I felt driven, capable, filled with purpose. I felt reborn. Part of it came from a realization that I've been stagnant, immobilized by apathy. Most of it came from facing the fact that the only thing holding me back was myself.

I stepped outside today, completely alone, free from any real or virtual access to any other being, and felt nothing but the world and my body that inhabits it. That feeling, that natural solitude that seems so foreign in today's world, drew a reflection no mirror could ever create.

I came to this place today and saw myself again: the person I am and the person I am supposed to be. I don't when I changed, but regret is irrelevant. I've found myself again, and I'm happy.



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