Monday, March 28, 2016

We All Know A Town Like This

"By all practical measures, Coatesville is 2 square miles of ghetto." That's how Al Jazeera America described my city in an article this year.

We all know a town like this: a place you've been warned to bypass instead of cut through, a place known more for its stigma than its stories. BYPASSED is an interactive documentary about one such place, the city of Coatesville. The poorest municipality within the state's wealthiest county, Coatesville is a once-prosperous steel town that has struggled to reinvent itself in a postindustrial America.

This documentary serves to go beyond the biased local media and to share the real Coatesville with the outside world.

Instead of dwelling on the negatives, our project has been designed to celebrate residents' hope and determination to challenge the stereotypes forced upon them by mainstream media.

It's a great honor and privilege to be able to work on this project with project director and my friend, Sarah Alderman, but the BYPASSED team cannot do this alone. We urge you to watch this trailer, we dare you not to be moved, and we ask you to help us by funding this critical project. Whether it is $5 or $50 or $500, we need and appreciate your support.